Ali Mohammad Afghani

Born1 January 1925 ( Till Now Age -98), Kermanshah, Iran
Literary MovementModernism, Socialism, Realism
Notable WorksTurnip Is A Paradisal Fruit, Sindokht, Madam Ahou’s Husband, Qarrasu
Years Active1925 To Present
Alma MaterArmed Forces Academy, Armed Forces Study In America.

Introduction – About Ali Mohammad Biography 

Ali Mohammad Afghani is an Iranian author and he was born on January 1st,1925. He belongs to the Kermanshah. He was born into a poor family, and he was the top student in school and at home. After that, he worked alongside his father so that he could earn some money for his family. He has the zeal to go for a reputed job, but he did not succeed in getting the job in a national Iranian oil company. This was a shock for him. He started his education again. 

Now, he has entered the military academy and has started armed training. At the same time, the country was suffering from political turmoil. He was a member of the Tudeh Party Of Iran, and there were some communists involved and stood opposed to the leader of Iran, Mohammad Pehlevi. Ali Mohammad was arrested once with his group member, and after five years, he came back.  

Career As an Author and Journey of Ali Mohammad Afghani

In 1949, he completed his graduation from the Armed Forces Academy, and then he went to training for armed forces study in America. 

As discussed, Ali Mohammad was arrested for five years; he wrote a book in prison because of political issues. Then he started his first book, “Lady Ahou’s Husband, “which was a novel. This book was full of controversy, although it got a royal prize for the best novel because it was written in Persian. 

This novel became popular and is considered to make a movie that’s converted into a movie as well. 

Moreover, Ali wrote various books like John Steinbeck and Jack London, and this book inspired people. 

After publishing this novel, the prominent author Ali Jamal Zadeh inspired his novel and the novel was praised by famous translator Najaf Daryabandari. This novel became renowned because it expressed the real life of Iranian women. 

Afghani wrote his second novel in 1965, “The Joyful People Of Qarrasu Valley .”This novel is written about a love story, and it describes the political issues in this novel. 

He also worked on writing some forthcoming books, such as “A Novel On The Iran-Iraq And Fathers World.” 

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Famous Books And Work Of Ali Mohammad Afghani

  • Madam Ahou’s Husband ( Showhar-E-Ahou Khanom) Was written in 1986 by Ali Mohammad Afghani. 
  • Baftehaye Ranj Was written in 1988 by Ali Mohammad Afghani. 
  • Doctor Baktash Was written in 1989 by Ali Mohammad Afghani. 
  • Sentenced To Death- Wrote In 2000 By The Ali Mohammad Afghani. 
  • Moon Above The Frontline Was written in 2016 by Ali Mohammad Afghani. 
  • Cousin Parvin –
  • Tragedy Of King Nader-Shah- 
  • Sara The Actress Was written in 2016 by Ali Mohammad Afghani. 
  • Turnip Is A Paradisal Fruit-
  • Sindokht-
  • Woven Of Grief- 
  • Shunhara Hokhanem-
  • Mahku Ba A’dam-

Personal Life and Interest of Ali Mohabbat Afghani

Ali Mohammad Afghani was born into a low-income family and started a job with his father. His father belongs to the Tiran and Karvan. When Ali made efforts to get the best job in their life, he failed to get a reputed job in the national Iranian oil company. now he continues his study and now he is a successful author.

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