Amit Abraham

Born8 Sep1965, (Age-58)
ProfessionAcademic, Counsellor, Writer, Author & Psychologist
Noteworthy WorkThe Opportunity Killer, You Have The Power To Be Happy
Noteworthy AwardsU.P Shikshak Samman from Indian Hindi Poet.

Introduction Of Amit Abraham 

Amit Abraham is an Indian author, psychologist and academician. He was born on 8th September 1965 in UTTAR PRADESH. He is professionally a professor and worked as “Deputy Vice-Chancellor” in academics & research at “Mount Zion International University“, which was established in RWANDA, “EAST AFRICA”. He worked here from 2018 to 2020 and at “Kazi Nazrul University” on the registrar profile.  

Moreover, Amit was the head of St. John College of Agra in the post-graduate department of psychology. He is also a teacher and teaches bachelor’s and master’s students. Along with that, he continuously participates in research work and is actively involved in its supervision. 

His work experience level can be seen in research, and he is also known as an author in writing because he loves to write books on education/examinations, etc. He wrote multiple textbooks and competitive examination books that help the students, and all the books can be bought from the market or online. As well as he contributed to several articles and published them in the newspapers.

Early Life and Education

Amit Abraham’s School background was very good, and as per the study, he completed his schooling at “St. Joseph’s College“, which was established in Nainital. He did his Post Graduate Degree in psychology from Delhi University. 

Career As Author And Journey Of Amit Abraham 

Amit Abraham is a known person as a counsellor, writer, academician and psychologist. He worked as the “Deputy Vice-Chancellor” at the “Mount Zion International University” in Rwanda, Kigali and established in East Africa. He was the principal of the “Scottish church college” in Kolkata, and he served there from 2015 July to 2016 august.   

His career primarily engages in teaching because of his PhD background, and due to this, he was invited to be the coordinator of the National Commission for minority educational institutions. Apart from this, he worked on sexual attitude, and he also measured the attitude of pornography, sexual relationships before marriage, lesbianism and homosexuality. He worked on various parameters to develop the self-monitoring and a case study Performa. 

He wrote various competitive examination books, wrote on self-help and general interest, and published research papers for students. In his career, he dedicated a part of his life to writing for the Hindi newspapers Sahara T.V, Moon T.V And Sea T.V.  

Apart from all those works, he is a writer and wrote many books on education, personality development, etc,  

Other Work 

Amit also worked at Samvaidna as head and founder; this organization provides free counseling and therapy services for patients who are facing psychological problems. He actively worked for Agra camp for free guidance and counseling. He made efforts to deliver free counselling for prisoners and hold free services to run drug addiction programs in jail.  

Additional information is saying that Abraham is also working to give motivational exercise tips through the radio channel and give tips to people like “how to handle the tension, stress and anxiety” and “how to overcome depression”. He efforts to make their memory better and to do various related counseling for those who are facing psychological problems. 

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Famous Books or Bibliography Of Amit Abraham   

  • 2013- Procrastination: “THE OPPORTUNITY KILLER”- A Self Guide And Workbook. 
  • 2011-General Psychology- “TATA MCGRAW HILL HIGHER EDUCATION”. 
  • 2010- “Taming The Little Devils Within”- That Was Imprint Of pustak Mahal. 
  • 2009- “You Have The Power To Be Happy”: Published In Sterling Publishers.
  • 2008- “Rules Of Attraction”: Get The One You Admire- Imprint In Pustak Mahal New Delhi. 
  • 2004- “Mengupas Kepribadian Anda”: BHUANA IIMU POPULAR , It Is Translated. 
  • 2004- “UGC/NET/SLET”: Psychology- Paper-2, Published In Upkar Prakashan, In Agra 2004. 
  • 2001- “Fundamentals Of Psychology”, Published In Y.K Published in Agra 2002. 

Amit Abraham Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

Amit Abraham has been awarded for being involved in social activities and being actively involved in several offbeat research in favour of human life.  

  • In 2006- Amit was awarded by the “U.P Shikshak Samman”. 
  • In 2006- Awarded by the “Bright Organization Of Youth In Agra”.  


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