Antero De Abreu

NameAntero De Abreu
Born22 February 1927, Luanda, Angola
Died15 March 2017 In Age Of 90 Year.
Political LifeMPLA
OccupationLawyer, Attorney General, Poet, Film Critic And Ambassador.
EducationCoimbra And Lisbon

Introduction Antero De Abreu: 

Antero Alberto De Abreu was belongs to Luanda, Angola and he was born on February 1927. He completed his education in the same city, and he was also working as a leader of the house of students of the empire. 

He was known as an anti-colonial activist and was writing poetry. He continued his writing until the end of his life. 

Early Life and Education: 

Antero was born on 22 February 1927, and he died on 15 March 2017 because of a health illness. He was born in Angolan. And studied in primary, secondary, and high school. He also completed his study in-laws from Portugal and then in Lisbon.  

Antero de Abreu Career: 

Antero’s career lifestyle was good in poetry, and his writing was published in several magazines and publications. He was the founder of the Academy of Arts, Angolan writers’ union, and social sciences. 

Abreu was also working on the profile of second attorney and ambassador to Italy.  After getting an education from Lisbon, he became the leader of Casa. 

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Antero De Abreu Novels:

  • In 1978- Your Voice Angola.
  • In 1978- Intermittent Poetry. 
  • In 1979- Permanence. 
  • In 1992- Texts Without Pretext.

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