Atiq Rahimi

NameAtiq Rahimi
BornFebruary 26, 1962, Now Age- 62
ProfessionWriter, Photographer, Senior Creative Advisor
Noteworthy Work“Earth And Ashes 2004”
“The Patience Stone 2012”
Noteworthy AwardSIGNIS” Award At The Hong Kong International Film Festival.
Many Award Cannes For Best Feature Film.

Introduction Atiq Rahimi:

Atiq Rahimi is a French-afghan film director and writer. He was born in Kabul in 1962, and he was studying literature in his native country. He went to go for sought political asylum in France, and he started writing in 1996. He won the award in 2004 for his first film, “ Earth And Ashes”, and was also awarded by the Prix Goncourt for the highest literary honour in France.   

He was also awarded for many achievements at the Istanbul International Film Festival. He considers redemption in the world of Muslims. 

Atiq Rahimi Early Life And Education: 

Atiq Rahimi was belongs to the Afghan and born on 26 February 1962 in Kabul. He studied in the high school in Lycee Esteqlal. After completing his studies, he joined a company that was in Paris, where he worked to produce many documentaries.

He completed his PhD in audio-visual communications from the Sorbonne and started writing in 1996 for Earth & ashes. 

Atiq Rahimi Career Life: 

He started his first writing in 1990, and his best-seller book was Earth and Ashes in Europe and South America. He won 25 awards in his career, including Cannes for Best Feature Film. He won all those awards at the Zanzibar International Film Festival. 

Now 2002, Atiq returned to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban. He started to take pictures of Kabul with the 150-year-old box camera for photography. The Albert Museum and Victoria purchased the pictures. Now, in 2002, he was connected to the Moby group as a senior creative advisor, and apart from this, he continued his work and developed the programs for his outlets and genres. He also worked to create a new generation of Afghan directors. He made the first soap opera of Afghanistan. 

In 2012, Rahimi directed the “Single Sabour” and co-authored a screenplay. His third film, “Our Lady of Nile”, premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. These movies were internationally recognized.  

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Atiq Rahimi Bibliography Are:

  • In 2002- Khakestar-O-Khak. Publishedin English.
  • In 2002- Les Mille Maisons Du Reve Et De La Terreur. 
  • In 2005- Le Retour Imaginaire.
  • In 2008- Syngue Sabour. 
  • In 2011- Maudit Soit Dostoievski.
  • In 2019-Les Porteurs D’eau. 

Atiq Rahimi Filmography are:

  • In 2004-Earth And Ashes.
  • In 2012- The Patience Stone.
  • In 2019- Our Lady Of The Nile. 

Atiq Rahimi Of Noteworthy Award And Honors: 

  • In 2004- Atiq Rahimi Won The The Prix Du Regard Vers 1 ‘ Avenir At The Cannes Film Festival. He Won This Award For His Debut Film Earth And Ashes. 
  • In 2008- He Was Nominated And Awarded The Prix Goncourt For The Patience Stone. 
  • In 2012- He Also Won The “SIGNIS” Award At The Hong Kong International Film Festival.  
  • In 2020- He Won The Crystal Bear At The Berlin International Film Festival 2020. 
  • In 2023- He Was Selected As A Cannes Film Festival Jury Member. 

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