Charles Dickens

BornCharles John Huffam Dickens February 7, 1812
Portsmouth, Hampshire, England
DiedJune 9, 1870,
Gad’s Hill, near Chatham, Kent)
ParentsJohn and Elizabeth Dickens
OccupationNovelist, Poet, Book Editor , Social analyst , Journalist , Story and books author.
Years active1836-1870
Notable works“The Pickwick Papers,”
“Oliver Twist”
“Nicholas Nickleby”
“David Copperfield”
SpouseCatherine Thomson Hogarth
(m. 1836; sep. 1858)


Charles Dickens was an influential British novelist of the Victorian era. He is celebrated for his vivid characters, detailed settings, and social commentary, and his work have left an enduring impact on literature and society. His literary works continue to inspire future generations of authors, readers and serve as a timeless example of the value of good story telling.

Education and Early Childhood

Chrales dickens (1812-1870) was born in Portsmouth, England. His father’s name was john dickens and mother’s name Elizabeth dickens. Chrales attended public school but later he joined private institution but that also didn’t last for long because his father was arrested because of debt so he was forced to work at a blacking factory. His these, experiences and hardship had big impact on how empathic he was and how determined he was to use him compelling writing to promote social reform.

Career as Author

Dickens began his writing career as a journalist and a reporter, he had worked for various magazines and newspapers like “morning chronical” and the “Mosley magazines”. He hit a huge success because of his first book “The pickwick papers” which was published in 1836-1837. Its themes were about comedy and humour, exploration of English Countryside, individual character sides, further more exploration and travel.

If we look into his early and later work’s we will find that they differ a lot therefore, his early works about humour, light toned, and exploration of childhood where as his later works about social issues, complex themes, his tone was also dark and more serious. These changes witnessed elucidates, that how much he had evolved in the light of themes and styles.

Leaving books aside, he was also popular because of his public dramatic readings, specifically in Britain and in Africa. His public dramatic readings used to contribute indispensable amount to his income.

Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • 1836: build a nice reputation through the publication of the book “The pickwick papers”.
  • 1843: published “A Christmas carol” which got widespread fame and validation.
  • 1850: Honoured as “Men of the Year” by “New York Herald Tribune.”
  • 1859: “A Tale of Two Cities” was published, becoming one of his most famous works.
  • 1869: Elected as the first-ever President of the “Gad’s Hill Club,” a prestigious literary society.
  • 1870: Knighted by Queen Victoria for his contributions to literature and social reform.
  • 1872: Received an honorary doctorate from the University of Oxford.
  • 2012: Celebrations worldwide marked the bicentennial of Charles Dickens’s birth.

Personal Life

Dickens was married to Catherine Hogarth, in (1836). He had 10 children’s, with her then in (1858) they got divorced. He had faced lot of troubles in his life like financial hardship, marital problems, poor relationship with some family members. He had also participated in charitable activities, supporting charitable causes, and promoting social changes. His public readings, both in Britain and during his African tour, contributed significantly to his income.

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Work till Now

  1. (1836-1837) The Pickwick Papers 
  2. (1837-1839) Oliver Twist 
  3. (1838-1839) Nicholas Nickleby 
  4. (1840-1841) The Old Curiosity Shop
  5. (1841) Barnaby Rudge 
  6. (1843) A Christmas Carol 
  7. (1843-1844) Martin Chuzzlewit 
  8. (1846-1848) Dombey and Son 
  9. (1849-1850) David Copperfield 
  10. (1852-1853) Bleak House 
  11. (1854) Hard Times 
  12. (1855-1857) Little Dorrit 
  13. (1859) A Tale of Two Cities 
  14. (1860-1861) Great Expectations 
  15. (1864-1865) Our Mutual Friend 
  16. (unfinished, 1870) The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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