Colleen Hoover

BornMargaret Colleen Fennell
December 11, 1979 (age 44)
Sulphur Spring, Texas, USA
Alma materSaltillo High School
Texas A&M-Commerce
GenreRomance, young and new fiction
Years active2011–present
Notable worksIt ends with us; It starts with us; confess; maybe someday
SpouseHeath Hoover
(m. 2000)​

Introduction – About Colleen Hoover

Colleen Hoover is a renowned American Author. Most of her work is in the genre of romance and new adult fiction. She has published more than 23 novels to date. Currently, she is a pioneer New York bestselling author with more than 21 million copies sold till 2023.  She was also picked by Time magazine and was featured in the list of the world’s most influential people in 2023.

Education and Early Childhood – Colleen Hoover Journey

Colleen Hoover was born in the Sulphur Springs area of Texas. Her parents are Vannoy Fite and Eddie Fennell. She was bought up in a small town in Texas called Saltillo. She attended and graduated from Saltillo high school.

After graduating in 1998, she got married in 2000 and later attended Texas A&M-Commerce. She had a degree in social work. Before becoming a renowned author, she worked as a teacher and worked in the field of community welfare as well.

During her childhood, the vibrant culture and warm and close community of a small town has given her a vision. It might have helped her in writing such captivating stories. She might also relate her fictional characters to the people she met in real life on her journey.

Right from early childhood, Hoover had a passion for storytelling. In the beginning, she started writing as a hobby. She also self-published some of her work in the initial years. Her writing style and ability to connect emotionally with the readers gave her the needed attention from the publishing houses and a large community of readers.

Career and Journey of Colleen Hoover as an author

  • The first noteworthy novel of Colleen Hover was published in 2011. It was a self-published novel with the title “Slammed.”
  • Hoover claims that she wrote the novel in just 30 days. She was inspired by the Avett Brothers’ song named “Head Full of Doubts and Road Full of Promises.” She tried to tell a story in this narrative.
  • After this book, her second work came in 2012. It was published as a sequel to the first book in the name of “Point of Retreat.” Her work was then recognized by Atria Publishers, and both her books were republished n their name in August 2021.
  • After the success of her books, Hoover quit her job in the field of social work and decided to become a full-time author. Hoover’s first novel was given five stars by hugely followed blogger Maryse Black. It added to the publicity and increased sales by many folds. A third book was also published after these two books in the same series, the name of  “This Girl.”
  • In 2013, the self-published novel, ” hopeless,” was recognized as the #1 New York bestselling novel. It led the charts for three weeks straight and created a record for being the first self-published book with such recognition.
  • Along with “Hopeless, another novel in the series was published later in the same year with the name of “Losing Hope.”
  • In 2014, the author published novels called “Finding Cinderella,” “Ugly Love “and “May Be Someday.“This year she also collaborated with a Musician called Griffin Peterson. He wrote and composed a song for the main leads of the novel. The books came with a QR scan, where the readers could scan and enjoy the music.
  • In 2015, her career skyrocketed when her novel called “It Ends with Us” gained popularity through BookTok.  It is a community on Tiktok.
  • The author was now lovingly recognized as “CoHo” by her fan base. Later another book called “It Starts with Us” was also published as a sequel to this book. This year the author also published many accolade books like “Confess” and “November 9”.
  • In 2016, Too Late was published, and in 2018, Variety was published online. She has a large audience based who are loyal to her and waits for her new releases.

The author has a deep connection with her readers through social media platforms. She regularly communicates with her followers. The author has a very unique way of depicting her female protagonists. She has very easily dealt with and presented topics like domestic violence, mental health issues, infidelity and cheating, complex human emotions and different relations, and various other social taboos. Her readers resonate with her fearless and honest stories. She keeps her readers in awe with love, romance, chemistry, personal growth, trauma, adulating,  plot twists, etc, that everyone can relate to. Hoover, in her career, has also collaborated with other authors to explore exciting genres like new adult and paranormal. She has proven her versatility in storytelling, and it s evident that her skills are still untapped.

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Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

Colleen Hoover, due to her understanding and depiction style of human emotions, got various awards and accolades in her career. Her success in such a short period is incomparable to any of her contemporaries. She is a star and a new life sensation for her fans. Many of her works are now adopted in various series and movies in OTT and mainstream cinema. She has also tied hands with Simon and Schuster UK for her future projects.

Her noteworthy nominations and awards

Her work has been nominated for “Goodreads choice awards” five times from year 2012-2016. She was nominated for her novels called  Slammed, Losing Hope, This Girl, confess, and It Ends with Her. Out of 5 times, she went ahead and won the award for her books – Confess and It Ends with Us in the years 2015 and 2016, respectively. She also won Utop YA Con Award in 2014 for her famous book May Be Someday.

Personal Life and Interests of Colleen Hoover

She married her husband named, William Heath Hoover, in 2000. She is a proud mother of three sons, namely, Cale, Levi, and Beckham. Hoover accepts that the stories she writes are deeply connected to her personal experiences regarding domestic violence and trauma while growing up.

Colleen Hoover famous books 

  1. It Ends with Us
  2. It Starts with Us
  3. Never Never: Part One
  4. Never Never: Part Two
  5. Never Never: Part Three
  6. Hopeless
  7. Losing Hope
  8. Finding Cinderella
  9. All Your Perfects
  10. Finding Perfect
  11. Maybe Someday
  12. Maybe Not
  13. Maybe Now
  14. Slammed
  15. Point of Retreat
  16. This Girl
  17. Ugly Love
  18. November 9
  19. Confess
  20. Too Late
  21. Without Merit
  22. Never Never: The Complete Series )
  23. Verity
  24. Regretting You
  25. Heart Bones
  26. Layla
  27. Reminders of Him
  28. One More Step
  29. Two More Days

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