Dritero Agolli

NameDritero Agolli
Born13th October 1931, Devoll, Albania.
Died3rd-Feb-2017, (Age-85)
OccupationPoet, Novelist,
Play Writer, Essays,
Short Stories,
Deputy In Albania Parliament
QualificationUniversity Of Leningrad

Introduction Of Dritero Agolli:

Dritero Agolli was an Albanian writer, politician, and poet. He was born in October 1931 and died in 2017. He had completed his studies in the “Soviet Union”. He generally wrote poetry, essays, plays, novels, and short stories.  

He belongs to the Menkulas in the Devoll district. His family spoke the Albanian language. He was an artist in Albania and the head of the writers, and he was known as a “LEADING FIGURE OF ALBANIAN COMMUNIST NOMENKLATURA”. 

Early Life and Education: 

Agolli was born in an Albanian “Bektashi Peasant Family”, and he belongs to the Menkulas which is established in the Devoll district. In 1952, He completed his high school in Gjirokaster. After that, he started his education at the “FACULTY OF ARTS” and began his journalism when he returned to Albania. 

Agolli died in Tirana, Albania, on February 3rd, 2017. He died due to long-term lung damage at the age of 85.  

Drintero Agolli Career: 

Drintero Agolli was a novelist, and he also wrote short stories, plays, and poetry. He was working as the head of a league of artists & writers. He worked for the newspaper Zeri I Popullit for fifteen years and held the post of “Deputy in Albania’s parliament”.  

He wrote many novels, and he has verse collections, Where “I WENT OUT ON THE STREET” and “MOUNTAIN PATHS AND SIDEWALKS”, etc. 

He wrote the first novel of his life, “Commissar Memo,” in 1970, and it was translated into 1975 as a bronze bust in Tirana. His second novel was “_(THE MAN WITH THE CANNON)_,” which was written in 1975 and 1983 and translated into English.  

He established “the Dritero publishing company” and he published the poetries and pros. 

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