Durjoy Datta

Born7 February 1987
Mehsana , Gujarat , India
Alma materDelhi College of Engineering (Also known as Delhi Technological University)
OccupationEntrepreneur , Novelist , Author
GenreRomance, drama, relationships, contemporary themes, youth, emotions, societal challenges, exploration, relatable characters, Indian fiction.
Years active2008- Present
Notable works“Of Course I Love You…! Till I Find Someone Better”
“The Girl in Room 105”
SpouseAvantika Mohan
Children2 (Daughters)

Introduction – About Durjoy Datta

Popular Indian novelist Durjoy Datta is praised for his engrossing tale that deftly integrates romance, drama, and modern challenges. Datta, who was born on February 7, 1987, in New Delhi, India, has made a name for himself in literature thanks to his perceptive stories and likeable characters. Although he studied engineering and management, he realised that writing was his genuine passion. The first book written by Durjoy Datta, “Of Course I Love You!” co-authored with Maanvi Ahuja, was a great hit and the beginning of a prolific writing career.

His later works, such as “You Were My Crush!” and “Till the Last Breath,” strengthened his reputation as a key figure in Indian fiction. Datta is a well-liked character in contemporary Indian literature. He is known for his ability to dive into emotions, relationships, and societal difficulties. Datta continues to enthral readers with his distinctive storytelling style.

Education and Early Childhood

Early childhood circumstances and Durjoy Datta’s passion of education affected his formative years. Datta has always had a creative and storytelling bent. He started his academic adventure by enrolling in engineering classes, eventually graduating from Delhi Technological University (formerly known as Delhi College of Engineering) with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication. However, his love of writing overshadowed his ambitions in engineering, inspiring him to delve into the realm of books.

Throughout his scholastic years, Datta’s propensity for storytelling and writing continued to grow. Despite having a degree in engineering, he found comfort in writing down his ideas and views. He eventually worked with Maanvi Ahuja on his debut novel, “Of Course I Love You!” during his undergraduate years as a result of this deviation from his scholastic route. This was a turning point that put him on the path to becoming a renowned novelist noted for his distinctive narrative style and relevant subjects.

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Career as author and Journey of Durjoy Datta

The writing career of Durjoy Datta has been a wonderful voyage of literary discovery and creative development. Datta’s career as a writer took off after he co-authored his debut book, “Of Course I Love You!” during his college years. The success of the book inspired him to learn more about writing, which resulted in a prodigious output of books that incorporated romance, drama, and modern topics.

His later pieces, such as “You Were My Crush!” and “Till the Last Breath,” demonstrated his aptitude at evoking the subtleties of emotions and relationships. Due to the relevant characters and relatable scenarios in Datta’s stories, readers, especially the younger generation, connected with them.

He experimented with thrillers like “Someone Like You” and “World’s Best Boyfriend” throughout the years to broaden his range of work. His storylines became more complex as he expanded his storytelling to include social themes. Datta is well-known in Indian popular fiction because of his engrossing writing style and propensity for examining contemporary issues.

Consistent bestsellers throughout his writing career helped him gain a devoted fanbase. By providing entertainment as well as insights into modern society processes and the human psyche, Durjoy Datta cemented his position as a key figure in Indian literature.

Durjoy Datta’s Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • National Film Award: Durjoy Datta’s novel “The Boy Who Loved” was adapted into a film titled “Half Girlfriend,” which won the National Film Award for Best Film on Other Social Issues in 2018.
  • Young Achievers Award: He received the Young Achievers Award from the National Institute of Event Management for his contributions to literature and storytelling.
  • Teacher’s Achievement Award: Datta was honored with the Teacher’s Achievement Award in 2013 for his impact on youth through his novels.
  • Youth Achievers Award: He received the Youth Achievers Award in 2012 for his significant influence on the young readers and his portrayal of contemporary issues.
  • Bestselling Author Accolades: Durjoy Datta has consistently been recognized as one of India’s bestselling authors, with numerous novels topping bestseller lists and earning widespread popularity.
  • Media Recognition: He has received extensive media coverage and recognition for his literary contributions, appearing in interviews, talk shows, and literature-related events.
  • Social Media Influence: Datta has garnered a strong presence on social media platforms, with a substantial following that reflects his impact on readers and fans.

Personal Life and Interests – Durjoy Datta

Avantika Mohan is a wedded partner of Durjoy Dtta. She blogs and works as an air hostess. They were wed in 2016.He enjoys nature, music, and travel greatly in addition to writing. Datta’s encounters and experiences frequently influence his work, displaying his profound awareness of interpersonal dynamics and human emotions.

He stays engaged with his audience and shares personal details of his life on social media channels. His extracurricular activities and wide range of interests add to the complex persona that goes well with his illustrious profession as a renowned Indian author.

Famous books of Durjoy Datta

  1. Of Course I Love You…! Till I Find Someone Better
  2. Now That You’re Rich… Let’s Fall in Love
  3. She Broke Up, I Didn’t!… I Just Kissed Someone Else!
  4. Ohh Yes, I Am Single…! And So Is My Girlfriend!
  5. You Were My Crush!… Till You Said You Love Me!
  6. If It’s Not Forever… It’s Not Love
  7. Someone Like You
  8. Till the Last Breath
  9. World’s Best Boyfriend
  10. Our Impossible Love
  11. The Girl of My Dreams
  12. The Boy Who Loved
  13. When Only Love Remains
  14. Hold My Hand
  15. The World’s Best Husband
  16. The Perfect Us
  17. Wish I Could Tell You
  18. The Girl of My Dreams
  19. The Boy with a Broken Heart
  20. The Boy Who Loved (The Sequel)
  21. The Last Promise
  22. The Girl in Room 105
  23. The Perfect Plan
  24. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Meltdown (Co-author)
  25. The Ghost Hunters of Kurseong (Co-author)
  26. The Book of Love

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