Indu Sundaresan

BornChennai , India
June 14, 1966
Alma materStella Maris College , University of Delaware
GenreHistorical fiction, Indian culture, romance, Mughal empire, rich historical narratives.
Years active2002-2014
Notable works“The Twentieth Wife” (2002),

Introduction – About  Indu Sundaresan

Famous Indian-American novelist Indu Sundaresan is praised for her engrossing historical fiction books that take readers to the colourful tapestry of India’s past. Sundaresan, who was born in Chennai, India, on June 14, 1966, eventually immigrated to the US and started a lucrative literary career.

Through her rigorous research and engaging storytelling, Sundaresan demonstrates her literary prowess. This is especially clear in her examination of the Mughal Empire. The first book in a trilogy, her critically acclaimed “The Twentieth Wife” (2002), explores the life of Nur Jahan, the twentieth wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir, and propelled her to prominence in historical fiction.

Her other works, which expertly meld politics, culture, and history into engrossing narratives, are “The Feast of Roses” (2003), “The Shadow Princess” (2010), and “The Splendour of Silence” (2006).

With a devoted following and high praise from critics, Indu Sundaresan has become a well-known name in historical fiction. She is renowned for her ability to bring history to life while taking readers on an immersive tour of India’s fascinating past.

Education and Early Childhood – Indu Sundaresan

The foundation for Indu Sundaresan’s successful career as a historical fiction author was put out by her scholastic background and early years. In 1966, she was born in Chennai, India. Early in life, she developed a strong love of history and narrative, two things that would later become essential to her work.

At Chennai, India’s renowned Stella Maris College, Sundaresan pursued a degree in economics. She then continued her study in the country, obtaining an MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and a master’s in economics from the University of Delaware. Her training in economics and business offered a strong foundation for her writing career and gave her a distinctive viewpoint on how to approach historical research and narrative.

Indu Sundaresan became the well-known author of historical fiction as a result of these formative events, her love of history, and her extensive Indian heritage.

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Career as author and Journey of Indu Sundaresan  

With an emphasis on historical fiction, Indu Sundaresan started her writing career. Her complex tales and rigorous research have won readers over. She relocated to the United States for additional studies, where she started her writing career. Despite having a business and economics degree, she has a deep love for history and narrative.

With her first book, “The Twentieth Wife” (2002), Sundaresan made a breakthrough. The book focused on Nur Jahan, the twentieth wife of the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. The publication of “The Feast of Roses” in 2003 and “The Shadow Princess” in 2010 completed the trilogy that launched her into the literary spotlight and further explored Nur Jahan’s intriguing world.

With “The Splendour of Silence” (2006), a novel set in India during World War II, she broadened her storytelling possibilities and demonstrated her authorial diversity.

Indu Sundaresan has received praise for her work throughout her career for its immersive quality, rigorous historical correctness, and intriguing characters. Her books give readers a vivid and accurate view of India’s lengthy and intricate history.

Due to her commitment to thoroughly researching and accurately reimagining historical periods, Sundaresan has gained a devoted readership and high praise from critics, making her a well-known name in the field of historical fiction. Her writing consistently takes readers to faraway eras and locales while bringing history to life via the power of narrative.

Indu Sundaresan ’s Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • Washington State Book Award: Indu Sundaresan received this prestigious award in 2003 for her novel “The Twentieth Wife.”
  • Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award: Her debut novel, “The Twentieth Wife,” was also recognized with this honor in 2003.
  • Golden Quill Award: Sundaresan’s novel “The Feast of Roses” earned her the Golden Quill Award in 2003.
  • Book Sense Pick: “The Splendor of Silence” was selected as a Book Sense Pick, a significant achievement in the literary world.
  • USA Today’s Top 10 Books: “The Splendor of Silence” was featured in USA Today’s list of Top 10 Books.
  • Elle Magazine Reader’s Prize: Sundaresan’s work has garnered the approval of readers, earning her the Elle Magazine Reader’s Prize.
  • National Public Radio (NPR) Feature: NPR featured her novels and interviewed Sundaresan, increasing her visibility among a broader audience.
  • Critical Acclaim: Throughout her career, Indu Sundaresan has received acclaim from literary critics, historians, and fellow authors for her skillful storytelling and historical accuracy.

Personal Life and Interests – Indu Sundaresan

Indu is married, and she, her husband, and their daughter reside in Seattle, Washington. The main focus of Indu Sundaresan’s interests and pastimes is writing historical fiction. She devotes her time to thorough study, sifting through India’s rich past to create captivating storytelling. As evidence of her intense interest in India’s past, Sundaresan is renowned for her thorough attention to historical specifics and the cultural quirks of various eras. She might engage in things like reading when she’s not writing to broaden her knowledge. Her inspiration is probably stoked by visits to historical locations and investigations of India’s architectural marvels. At the heart of Sundaresan’s interests and endeavours is her commitment to writing literature that shares and preserves India’s rich past.

Famous books of Indu Sundaresan

  1. “The Twentieth Wife” (2002): This debut novel introduces readers to the life of Mehrunnisa, the twentieth wife of Emperor Jahangir in the Mughal Empire. The book delves into Mehrunnisa’s journey from a commoner to becoming Empress Nur Jahan.
  2. “The Feast of Roses” (2003): This sequel to “The Twentieth Wife” continues the story of Nur Jahan and her influence on the Mughal court.
  3. “The Splendor of Silence” (2006): Set against the backdrop of World War II, this novel explores the intertwined destinies of an American soldier and an Indian woman during the British Raj.
  4. “In the Convent of Little Flowers” (2008): This novel tells the story of a young woman named Marie Grace who travels from France to India to become a nun and the challenges she faces in the remote convent of Little Flowers.
  5. “Shadow Princess” (2010): The book narrates the life of Princess Jahanara, the daughter of Emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal, as she grapples with love, duty, and political intrigue.
  6. “The Mountain of Light” (2013): This novel explores the history of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, from its origins in India to its journey through various empires and its eventual place in the British Crown Jewels.
  7. “The Inheritance of Loss” (2014): A novella, this work is set in the backdrop of the 1947 Partition of India and Pakistan, focusing on the lives of ordinary people caught in the turmoil.

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