Ismail Kadare

Born28 January 1936 ( Age- 88)
ProfessionNovelist, Playwriter, Screen Writer, Essayist And Poet.
EducationLanguage & Literature At The Faculty Of History And Philosophy,
University Of Tirana
GenreMyth, Fable, Satire, Legend And Folk Tale.
Notable WorkThe General Of The Dead Army
The Siege, The Pyramid, Spriritus, The Fall Of Stone City
Notable AwardsJerusalem Prize,
Prince Of Asturias Award
Park Kyonk Ni Prize
Man Booker International Prize
SpouseHelena Gushi

Introduction of Ismail Kadare

Ismail Kadare is a novelist, poet, screenwriter, playwright and essayist. He was born on 28 January 1936 in the Albanian kingdom. Ismail was well-qualified, and he knew the literature. He generally wrote poetry until the publication of his book(novel); the story was “The General of the Dead Army”, which was very popular internationally. 

He was awarded many times the harder prize, the Prince of Asturias award, the Booker International Prize, the Nobel Prize in Literature, and so many other awards he won. He was also nominated for the Neustadt Prize because he wrote: “Kadare Is the Successor of Franz Kafta”. 

His article was compared to Nikolai, Orwell, George Orwell, Gogol, Balzac, and Garcia Marquez. His novel was published in 45 languages, and Network Times declared he was the “National Figure In Albania”. 

As many people believe, kadare is regarded as one of the great writers of the 20th and 21st centuries. 

Ismail’s Early Life and Personal Life 

Ismail was born on 28 January 1936 in the kingdom of Albania. He was in Gjirokaster, a mountain city in southern Albania. He lived on a zigzag and narrow street, which was very crooked. This street was known as “lunatics’ lane”. His father’s name was Halit Kadare, and he was an employee at the post office. His mother was a housewife, and her name was Hatixhe Dobi. She was married at the age of 17 in 1933. Hatixhe’s grandfather was born into a Muslim family, and Kadare was known as an atheist. 

Now, he married the author Helena Gushi, and he has two daughters. His daughter, Besiana, is an Albanian ambassador and vice president of the United Nations. 

Now, discuss Kadare’s education; he completed his education at primary and secondary schools in Gjiroskar. After that, he joined the language and literature at the faculty of history and philosophy. Finally, he got the teacher’s diploma in 1956. 

The Ismail Kadare Career Life And Another Work

At 11, kadare was very well known for reading Shakespeare’s plays. He was a lover of literature, and he wrote his first short story. That was published for children in the Pionieri journal in Tirana, a communist magazine. His first poetry collection was published in 1957, “Frymezime Djaloshare Inspiration”. 

He won the poetry competition at the age of 17 years old, this contest was held in Tirana, and he got a chance to travel to Moscow to study in the Maxim Gorky. 

He also studied literature, and he completed his post-graduation. Kadare got the best opportunity to read contemporary Western literature, and he also works by Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, and Albert Camus. 

Apart from this, he published a collection of stories and wrote his first novel in 1959. The novel name was “Qyteti Pa Reclama (The City Without Signs). A Critique Of Socialist Careerism In Albania. 

Moreover, he worked as a journalist and became editor-in-chief of the literary periodical Les Letters Albanaises. Then, he started his literature career and contributed five years to the scholarly review Drita. At the same time, Ismail’s poetry was prevalent, and my century awarded him. 

In 1990, he applied to become a consensual president of Albania, but his proposal was rejected.  He worked on plays, screenplays, poetry, essays, a story collection, and 80 novels. All are translated into different languages. Finally, his novels and all his writing were translated into 45 languages. Here are some of the popular books he wrote: “The General of the Dead Army”, The Places of Dreams, the Pyramid and the Successors, and so many books. 

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The Ismail Kadare’s Biographies Are:

English Translation: 

  • The general of the dead army 
  • Broken April 
  • The three-arched bridge. 
  • The palace of dreams
  • The concert
  • The successor 
  • The ghost rider
  • A girl in exile
  • The fall of the eastern gods
  • The fall of the stone city
  • Essays on World Literature
  • The doll: a portrait of my mother


  • The Monster
  • The Wedding
  • The Siege
  • The Winter Of Great Solitude
  • The Trailor Niche
  • The Ghost Rider
  • The Palace Of Dreams
  • The Dark Year
  • The Wedding Procession Turned To Ice


  • In 1954- Frymezime Djaloshare
  • In 1957- Enderrimet
  • In 1961- Shekulli Im 
  • In 1964- Perse Mendohen Keto Male 
  • 1968- Motive Me Diell
  • 1976- Koha 
  • In 2018- Vepra Poetike Ne Nje Vellim


  • The people autobiography in 1971
  • Aeschylus, the lost in 1985
  • The angles cousin in 1997
  • The Albanian nation on the threshold of the third millennium
  • Art as a sin in 2015
  • When rulers quarrel in 2018


  • Stormy weather on mount in 1998
  • Frightened gazelles in 2009


  • Frightened gazelles written in 2009. 

Ismail Kadare Story Of Noteworthy Award And Honours

  • In 1992 kadare won the prix Mondial cino duca international award in France. 
  • In 1996- he received the academy of moral and political science of France. 
  • In 1998- he was awarded the international herder prize in Austria. 
  • In 2003- he got the ovid prize international award in Romania. 
  • In 2005- he was awarded the inaugural man booker international prize in the UK. 
  • In 2008- he by was awarded flaiano prize international award in Italy. 
  • In 2009- awarded by the prince of austurias award for literal in spain. 
  • In 2019- he won the park kyong-ni prize for the literary works. 
  • In 2023- he won the America award in literature for lifetime contribution for writing. 

Moreover, after all the achievements he received the Nobel Prize in literature fifteen times in his life. 

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