Jane Austen

Born16 December 1775, England
Died18 July 1817, Hampshire, England (At the Age – 41)
Alma MaterOxford
OccupationNovelist, Writer, Theatres
Notable WorkSense And Sensibility, Love & Friendship, Price and Prejudice.
Resting PlaceHampshire

Introduction of Jane Austen  

Jane Austen was a famous England novelist and she belongs to England. She was born on 16 December 1775. Jane Austin generally wrote romantic fictions, and she is known for her six novels that were related to the British Land. Austin spent her entire life on the lower fringes of the English landed gentry. She studied with her father and elder brothers by her study. Her family supported her in becoming a bright writer.

Her creativity continued till the age of 35; with this creativity, she worked with various literary forms. Moreover, she wrote three novels and began working on the fourth novel. 

She got lots of fame as a published author, and her two novels were published. One was Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, and she started third. These novels were published after her death which was unfortunate, and the third novel, “Sandition,” is incomplete. 

Her novel was a comic that presents the independency of women’s marriage, and she got popularity for her works. she got little fame in her life with few positive reviews. There is a new emergence of an Austen fan culture in the second half of the 20th century.  

Early Life and Education

Jane Austen was born in the Hampshire village of Steventon, and her father, reverend George Austen, was residing there. Austen was the seventh child in her family and was connected to her elder sister, Cassandra. Both didn’t get married. Her father was a scientist, and he encouraged their children to learn something, and her mother was very intellectual, famous woman for her excellent writing.  

Jane Austen was the luckiest woman because her family was very supportive for her to appreciate in her writing.  Austen resided near Dean Rectory until her house was repaired. 

Austen and her sister went to Oxford to be educated, and both of them were affected by the typhus, which proved very bad for Austen. She came home during this period and started her studies at home again. 

Her father and brother supported her in her studies, and her father also provided them with costly drawings and accessories for writing. She was also interested in theatre; her elder brother wrote epilogues, and Austen joined them. She was also played in theater there as an audience and performer at the age of twelve. This is the age where she wrote the three plays in the same age.

Career As Author And Journey Of Jane Austen

Austen, she wrote her first novel in 1787 and presented various manuscripts in volumes, including plays, short novels, and other pros. She wrote a short novel between 1793 and 1794, “Lady Susan.” She started her longest novel, Mar, Iianne, and Elinor, and her second novel was First Impressions, written in 1796. She continued her work to edit “Elinor and Marian” in 1798, the most significant modification for Austen. 

She completed this work after one year, and apart from that, the Austen novel “Susan” was published by “Benjamin Crosby” a London publisher. It was unsuccessful, and Crosby could not publish her manuscript until Austen repurchased the copyright of this manuscript from Crosby.

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  • In The Abbey Of London, Austen Commemoration On The Walls Of Poets In 2013.
  • The Pride and Prejudice in The Royal Mail Published Austen’s Works. 
  • Here, The Bank of England Has Issued The £ 10 Note with The Picture Of Austen.
  • In July 2017, After the Death Of Austen, On The 200th Anniversary In Basingstoke, Her Statue Was Established. 

Famous Books ( novels, fictions and volumes)  


  • IN 1816- “EMMA” 
  • IN 1818- “PERSUASION” 
  • IN 1871- “LADY SUSAN”


  • IN 1804- THE WASTSONS.
  • IN 1817- SANDITON 
  • IN (1796- 1817)- POEMS 
  • IN (1796- 1817)-PLAYERS 
  • IN (1796- 1817)- LETTERS

Juvenile- 1st Volume (1787 – 1793): 

  • “Jack & Alice”
  • “Frederic & Elfrida” 
  • “The Adventures of Mr. Clifford” 
  • “The Beautiful Cassandra” 
  • “The Visit” 
  • “The Mystery”
  • “Ode To Pity”
  • “A Beautiful Description” 
  • “Henry & Eliza”

Juvenile- 2nd Volume (1787 – 1793): 

  • “Lesley Castle “
  • “A Tale”
  • “The History of England”
  • “The Female Philosopher” 
  • “A Tour Through Wales”
  • “A Collection of Letters” 

Juvenilia 3rd Volume: 

  • Catharine Or The Bower”. 
  • “Evelyn”. 


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