Jhumpa Lahiri

Born11 July, 1967 (Age -56)
GenreShort Stories, Novel
Alma MaterGraduation From Barnard College, Double M.A, MFA, PHd From Boston University
Notable WorkThe Namesake, Unaccustomed Earth, The Lowland
Notable Awards & Accolades2021 Dottorate Ad Honorem University of Bologna, 2000 Pulitzer Award

Introduction About Jhumpa Lahiri  

Jhumpa Lahiri Is A British American Author who wrote essays, novels and short stories in English. She was born on July 11 1967 in London, England. Her parents were Bengali from Calcutta. Her family background was reputed because her father was a librarian at the university, and her mother was a school teacher. When Lahiri was young, her parents relocated to south of Kingstown, Rhode Island. Her parents loved the East Indian culture, and they wanted her to follow this culture. 

Jhumpa has an extensive collection of short stories, and she has won awards for her short stories. Her famous novel “The Namesake” was adapted into a film. This novel became a notable New York book, and her second novel, “The Lowland, “was listed for a national book award. Now, the journey of Jhumpa was extremely good in writing, and she gave notable works that were popular. 

Early Education And Personal Life

Jhumpa was born on July 11 1967, in London. Her parents were Bengali, but they relocated to America when Lahiri was three years old. Lahiri considered that she was not born in India, and she supposed that she was American

Lahiri was living in Kingston, Rhode Island, and her father was working there on the profile of a librarian at the University of Rhode. Her mother wanted her children to grow up in Bengali heritage, and that is the reason she interconnects with all her relatives in Calcutta. 

Suppose there is a discussion about her stories. In that case, all her writing expresses family connectivity, and she describes in stories that they keep their children connected to their traditions and culture. She writes about tradition and the bounding of family, where all members live under the same roof of the house with respect for elders and traditional values.   

Career As Author And Journey Of Jhumpa Lahiri 

Jhumpa Lahiri was known as a novelist, and she wrote many short stories; some of them were converted into films, such as Interpreter of Maladies, released in 1999. She waited for long years to publish her stories, and these stories expressed the problem of disconnection between first and second-generation marital difficulties. 

She said I was inspired when I started writing, and I did not know the experience of two countries was attracting me. When I began writing on this collection, some American critics praised this article, but in India, according to Indian reviews, some people were not happy, but some people were enthusiastic.

Moreover, Lahiri published her first novel in 2003. The name of this novel was “Namesake” ; this story was related to what she had heard about. Additionally, a movie was produced, Namesake; Mira Nair directed this film; Irrfan Khan and Tabbu played in this film, and Lahiri also played a short role as an aunt.  

Her second novel was released on April 1, 2008. Jhumpa had a relationship with “ The New Yorker Magazine”; she published short stories and non-fiction in this magazine. Apart from this, Lahiri was selected to be the vice president of the PEN American Center. This organization was developed to build the relationship between authors and intellectual cooperation. 

In 2013, Lahiri was listed for her novel “The Lowland”, and this novel was shortlisted for the Booker Prize. Unfortunately, this “lowland” could not win this award, and it was achieved by the “Eleanor Catton” for his Luminaries.    

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Now, in 2015, she has published Teach Yourself Italian.” She announced in this essay she only writing in the Italian language”. In 2017, she received the PEN Malamud Award for her short stories.                                                    

Jhumpa Lahiri Noteworthy Awards and Accolades 

  • “Transatlantic Awards” From the Henfield Foundation -In 1993.
  • “Pen/Hemingway Award” For Interpreter of Maladies- In 1999. 
  • “O. Henry Award for Short Story” Interpreter of Maladies -In 1999.
  • “Addison Metcalf Award” From the American Academy of Arts and Letters -In 2000.
  • “The Third and Final Continent” was Selected As One Of The Best American Short Stories -In 2000. 
  • “The New Yorker’s Best Debut of The Year For” “Interpreter Of Maladies”- In 2000.  
  • “Pulitzer Prize For Fiction “MFK FISHER DISTINGUISHED WRITING AWARD” For “Indian Takeout”- In 2000.  
  • “Nobody’s Business” was Selected as One of the Best American Short Stories- In 2002. 
  • “Guggenheim Fellowship Award”- In 2002. 
  • FRANK O’CONNOR LITERARY AWARD FOR “Unaccustomed Earth”- In 2008. 
  • Premio Gregor Von Rezzori for Foreign Translated into Italian For “UNACCUSTOMED EARTH”- IN 2009. 
  • DSC Award for South Asian Literature For “The Lowland” In 2014. 
  • National Humanities Medal In 2014.
  • Pen/Malamud Award In 2017. 
  • Honorary Doctorate Award From “The American University of Rome” In 2023. 

Famous Books And Work Of Jhumpa Lahiri 

  • IN 2003- “THE NAMESAKE”
  • IN 2013- “THE LOWLAND”
  • IN 2018-“ DOVE MI TROVO” 

Unaccustomed Earth In 2008 And This Collection Published In “ The New Yorker”. 


Short stories: 

Interpreter of maladies in 1999:

  • Sexy That Was Published in The New York.
  • The Treatment of Bibi Haldar.
  • A Temporary Matter.
  • A Real Durwan.
  • Mrs. Sen’s.
  • The Third and Final Continent.
  • The Blessed House.


  • Brotherly love 
  • The Boundary
  • Casting shadows


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