Kamala Das

BornKamala, 31 March 1934, Punnayurkulam, Madras Presidency, British India.
Died31 May 2009 ( Age-75) Maharashtra India
Pen NameMadhavikutty
OccupationPoet, Script Writer And Novelist
GenrePoetry, Memories, Short Story & Novel
Notable WorksEnte Katha, My Story
Notable AwardsShahitya Akademi Award, Asan World Prize, Asian Poetry Prize, Kent Award
SpouseK.Madhav Das
ParentsMother- Balamani Amma
Father-V.M Nair

Introduction Of Kamala Das

Kamala Das was renowned by the one-time pen name “Madhavi Kutty“. She was born on March 31 and May 31, 2009, in Punnayurkulam. Kamala was an Indian poet. She wrote poetry in English and was writing from Malayalam, known for her English writing. She was a famous poet in Kerala because of her short stories and autobiography. She wrote on various topics on feminism, politics, sexuality, and child care.   

Kamala Das was born into a reputed family. She discusses her family here: his father and mother were well-settled, and her mother was a well-known poet. 

She wrote from her childhood and grew up for her social activities in Kerala and Calcutta.

Education And Early Childhood

Kamala Das was born in Punnayurkulam in 1943 and has a literary background. Her education came through extensive reading.

Das was born in an educated family where her father, V.M. Nair, was an employee as a senior officer in the Walford transport company. 

Her mother, “Balamani Amma” Kamala Das, was also a prominent writer. Kamala Das married a 15-year-old with Madhav Das, who was a bank officer. Her husband encouraged her to write, and then she started writing in English and Malayalam after she worked on publishing her book on cult anthologies. 

Career As Author And Journey Of Kamala Das 

She has written many short stories in Malayalam and poems in English. She was working as a syndicated columnist. Her topic of women’s issues and child care columns was very popular, and she said, “Poetry Does Not Sell In India”. Das’s poetry was compared to the poetry of Robert Lowell and Sexton.  

Moreover, Kamala’s autobiography was released in 1973 in Malayalam, and after fifteen years, this poetry was translated into English. 

On the invitation, Kamala attended the literary events organized in Germany, Canada, and London. She was called the “Mother of Modern English Poetry” throughout 2009.    

In addition, “My Story “was also written by the Kamala das, originally in Malayalam. “My Story” was the most popular and admired autobiography and controversial article in her career. 

Some Of The Movies Based On A Storyline Written By Kamala Das 

All the films have presented after her death(2009), and most of the movies was awarded.

  • Neermaathalathinte Pookkal– This movie’s story was written by the Madhavikutty ( Kamala Das). 
  • Mazha – This movie story was written by the kamala and she this is awarded by Kerala state award. 
  • Aami- This Is An Indian Biographical Movie which is written in Malayalam by Madhavikutty (Kamala Das).
  • Kadhaveedu– wrote in 2013 by the Madhavikutty ( Kamala Das. 

Kamala Das Noteworthy Awards And Accolades

Kamala Das has received many awards for her achievements. 

  • “PEN Aisan Poetry Prize”- In 1963. 
  • “Kerala Sahitya Akademi Award For Story” -In 1968
  • “Shortlisted For The Nobel Prize In Literature”- In 1984
  • “Kendra Shahitya Academy Award For In English”- In 1985
  • “Kerala State Film Award For Best Story”- In 1988
  • “Asian Poetry Prize”- In 1998
  • “Ezhuthachan Award”- 2002
  • “Honorary D.Litt By University Of Calicut”- In 2006
  • “Muttathu Varkey Award”- In 2006. 

Other Work

Kamala Das started working on Indian literature and produced some of the best works. The history of Kamala Das has done notable work in English, as seen in “The Novel Alphabet of Lust in 1977, Padmavati the harlot, Summer in Calcutta in 1973, and other stories from 1992 in the collection. 

Personal Life And Interest Of Kamala Das 

She married 15 years old, and her husband was very supportive and encouraged her to write ahead. She was born into a conservative family. Now she changes at the age of 65, her religion to Islam on 11 December 1999. Now, she was known by the name Kamala Surayya.

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Famous Books & Poetry Of Kamala Das 

The first published poem was “SummeCalcuttacutta” in 1965. All the others were published after this. Here are some of the poems that were published and collected. 

  • Summer In Calcutta.
  • My Mother At Sixty-Six
  • Forest Fire
  • A Losing Battle
  • Words
  • My Story
  • The Sunshine Cat
  • My Grandmother’s House
  • An Introduction
  • A Hote Noon in Malabar
  • The Freaks
  • The Wages Of Love 

Poetry In English Translation 

  • 1964- “The Sirens”
  • 1965- “Summer In Culcutta”
  • 1967- “The Descendants”
  • 1973-“The Old Playhouse And Other Poems”
  • 1977-“The Stranger Time”
  • 1984-“Collected Poems”
  • 1985-“Anamalai Poems”
  • 1997-“Only The Soul Knows How To Sing”
  • 1999-“My Mother At Sixty-Six”
  • 2001-“Yaa Allah”

The Stories

  • 1977- “A Doll For The Child Prostitute”
  • 1992- “Padmavati The Harlot And Other Stories”


  • My Story” written in 1976


“The Alphabet Lust” written in 19

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