Khushwant Singh

Born2nd Feb, 1915
Country, State Of BirthIndia, Punjab, In Hadali
Died20 March 2014, New Delhi
Alma MaterModern Public School, St. Stephens College and Graduate from Govt College of Lahore.
OccupationWriter, Politician, Diplomat, Lawyer and Journalist.
ParentsFather-Sir Sobha Singh, Brother- Daljit Singh
SpouseKanwal Malik

Introduction of Khushwant Singh 

Khushwant Singh was a famous Indian author who was born on 2nd February 1915. He was a professional lawyer, writer, politician, journalist and diplomat. He started the writing that inspired the Indian partition, and he wrote the article “Train to Pakistan in 1956”. 

He was a well-known author and belonged to Punjab; he completed his education from a modern school established in New Delhi. In 1951, he started work in All India Radio and then towards mass communication of UNESCO in 1956. He was known in India for his sarcastic writing, trenchant secularism and his deep love for poetry. Due to his excellent background career, he worked in Rajya Sabha as a member of the parliament of India. 

Moreover, he was awarded in 1974 by the “Padma Bhushan” for his best writing. After that, he was awarded the 2nd highest civilian award in 2007, it was the “Padma Vibhushan” award. It was the biggest achievement of Khushwant Singh. 

Education And Early Childhood

Khushwant Singh was born on 2nd February 1915 in Hadali, khushab district, established in Punjab. Now, this place comes in Pakistan. He belonged to the Sikh family and was the youngest in his family. He was the son of Sir Sobha Singh, who witnessed against the Veeran Bai and Bhagat Singh. In the former, there were no birth and death certificates, and his grandmother proved for Khushwant that he was born on 2nd February 1915. 

His father, Sobha Singh, was known for his profession, and he was a famous builder in the Delhi Lutyens. His uncle was also a famous person because he was (uncle Sardar Ujjwal Singh) governor of Tamil and Punjab in 1895. 

As discussed about his name, his grandmother called him by the name of Khushal Singh, which presents the meaning of a “prosperous lion”. He was also known by his pet name, “Shalee”, and his schoolmates always have fun with him; they call him “Shalee Shoolee” and compare him to the radish of a garden.

Now, discuss education; in 1920, he studied at the Delhi modern school and completed his schooling by 1930. Khushwant met his upcoming partner in the school when she was his friend, and her name was Kanwal Malik. 

Now, read about his education. Khushwant studied at St. Stephens College and completed his intermediate arts from there from 1930 to 1932. 

Apart from that, Singh began his higher education at a government college that was established in Lahore. He also completed his graduation from there. He started the LLB in 1938 at “Kings’ College”, “London University”, and he was awarded this degree as well.  

Career As Author And Journey Of Khushwant Singh

Khushwant Singh was a renowned author, and he was a member of Rajya Sabha from 1980 to 1986. He started his career as a practising lawyer in 1939, and he was practising in the chamber of Lahore. It was handover by the Husain Batalvi And Manzur Qadir. Singh continued doing that work for eight years.  

From 1954 to 1956, he started his work in mass communication at UNESCO in Paris, and then he switched to editorial services. Then he called for the post of editor of Hindustan Times. 

Khushwant Singh loved to write fiction and non-fiction, and he also made his career in English writing, including The Train to Pakistan, which was published in 1956. His 2nd most popular work included essays on emergencies, and the name of this was “(Why I Support the Emergency)” -in 2004. The 3rd popular writing was “(I Shall Not Hear the nightingale)-” in 1959. 

Khushwant Singh also made his career in politics, and he worked as a member of the Rajya Sabha from (1980 -1886). He achieved the “Padma Bhushan award” in 1974 for “he was dedicatedly servicing for his country”. 

He wrote various popular books in his writing career, many of which were prominent and classic two-volume books on the history of Sikhs. The name of the book is “A HISTORY OF SIKHS“, which was published in 1963. The other “one is truth, love and a little malice”. 

In 1970, he went to Israel because he was a great votary of Israel; because of this country, Indians got employment.

As communicated about the contribution, he contributed to a satirical mode of writing to entertain his loving readers. After all his contributions to his writing and political career, he suddenly passed away at the age of 99. He died on 20 March 2014 due to cardiac arrest. 

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Personal Life And Character 

Khushwant Singh belonged to an educated family, and his father, Sobha Singh, was a builder in Delhi, Lutyens. Moreover, Khushwant married Kanwal Malik, who was his childhood friend. They had two children. The name of the son is Rahul Singh, and the name of the daughter is Mala

Khushwant Singh’s Noteworthy Awards and Accolades 

  • In 1966- “ROCKEFELLER GRANT”. 
  • In 1974- “PADMA BHUSHAN AWARD”, By the Govt Of India
  • In 2000- “HONEST MAN OF THE YEAR”. 
  • In 2006- “PUNJAB RATAN AWARD” By the Indian Govt. 
  • In 2007- “PADMA VIBHUSHAN” By the Govt. Of India. 
  • In 2013- “He Got The “LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD”, Awarded By The U.P Chief Minister. 

Famous Books, Plays, Short Stories In Different Categories 

  • 1950- “The Mark Of Vishnu And Other Stories”.
  • 1953- “The History Of Sikhs”.
  • 1956-“Train To Pakistan”.
  • 1957- “The Voice Of God And Other Stories”.
  • 1959-“The Sikhs Today”.
  • 1962- “The Fall Of The Kingdom Of The Punjab”.
  • 1963- “A History Of The Sikhs And The Maharaja Of The Punjab”.
  • 1966-“Ghadar 1915”.
  • 1967- “A Bride Of The Sahib”.
  • 1971-“Black Jasmine”.
  • 1984- “The Sikhs”
  • 1989-“The Collected Stories Of Khushwant Singh”.  
  • 1990-“Delhi- A Novel”. 
  • 1992-“Sex, Scotch And Scholarship”.
  • 1993-“Not A Nice Man To Know- “The Best Of Khushwant Singh”.
  • 1995-“Women And Men In My Life”.
  • 1997-“Declaring In Love Four Languages”.
  • 2000- “Big Book Of Malice”.
  • 2002- “Truth, Love And A Little Malice”. 
  • 2004-“Death At My Doorstep”. 
  • 2005-“A History Of Sikhs”.
  • 2006-“Land Of Five Rivers”. 
  • 2009-“Why I Supported The Emergency: Essays”. 
  • 2013-“The Lesson Of My Life”.
  • 2018- “Punjab, Punjabis And Punjabiyat”. 

Short Stories By Khushwant Singh 

  • The Strain.
  • Success Mantra.
  • The Wog.
  • Karma.
  • A Love Affair In London. 
  • The Portrait Of A Lady.  

Play By Khushwant Singh 

  • “Documentary For Television- “Third World” In 1983 In the United Kingdom”. 


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