Nadia Hashimi

Born12 December 1977
Brandeis University (1996–2000),
NYU Grossman School of Medicine,
SUNY Downstate Medical School


Author and prominent Afghan-American physician Nadia Hashimi is widely recognized. Numerous awards have been given to her books around the world for accurately capturing the lives of Afghans living in and outside of Afghanistan.

Early Life and Heritage

Hashimi’s heritage was very important in shaping her sense of self and view of the world. She was born to Afghan refugees who came to the US in the early 1970s. As a child, the stories her family told her about Afghanistan—its rich culture and hard life, especially for women—had a big effect on her. These stories made her feel very connected to her Afghan background and made her want to write about it. Hashimi’s educational background is as broad as her interests. She got her Bachelor of Science in Middle Eastern Studies from Brandeis University and her Medical Degree from SUNY Downstate Medical Centre. As a doctor, her job has had a big impact on how she sees life. A lot of the time, her work is about care, strength, and how fragile the human spirit is.

Professional Impact

Hashimi’s first book, “The Pearl That Broke Its Shell,” came out in 2014 and made her a major new literary voice. Following the lives of two Afghan women who lived one hundred years apart, the story shows how they both wanted to break the rules and standards of society. Through her moving writing, Hashimi shows readers how complicated Afghan society is and how strong Afghan women are. Her work has been getting a lot of applause from both critics and readers. It is known for telling complex stories that span generations and countries. “When the Moon is Low”, “A House Without Windows”, and “Sparks Like Stars” are some of Hashimi’s other works. These came after her first book. Each book looks at a different part of Afghan life, from how the Taliban’s rule changed things to the stories of Afghans who left their country. Hashimi’s writing has become an important cultural link because it tells people around the world about Afghanistan and its people and makes them feel sorry for them.

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Exploration of Afghan Life

In addition to writing books, Nadia Hashimi has worked to protect the rights and well-being of women and children, especially in Afghanistan. Health, gender, and war are all linked, and her background in medicine and culture makes her uniquely qualified to talk about these issues. Hashimi has been a guest speaker more than once, bringing attention to the situation of Afghan women and how education and freedom can help them do well. Her commitment to helping others is like the humanity and persistence of her characters, and she does more than just write about them.

Inspiration and Global Recognition

American Afghans look up to Hashimi as an inspiration, and readers all over the globe know her for her writing and action. The Afghan spirit may be found in her stories, which are read by people from all walks of life and countries. Her nuanced portrayal of the Afghan people and their country makes readers question what they thought they knew about a country that is too often shown in a bad light. Nadia Hashimi leaves an indelible mark on literature and society as she keeps writing and speaking out about things that are important to her. She becomes a powerful voice for the Afghan people and an inspiring figure in the history of writing and activism around the world.

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