Pratibha Ray

Born21 January 1944,
Now Age- 79,
Alabol Balikuda , Jagatsinghpur, Odisha, India
Alma materRavenshaw College
EducationM.A (Education), PhD (Educational Psychology )
Notable WorksYajnaseni, Shilapadma
Notable Awards & AccoladesJnanpitch Award, Moortidevi Award.
OccupationTeacher, Writer, Lecturer
MemberAt Present, Member Of Orissa Public Service Commission In Cuttack
AchievementFirst Indian women to receive Murti Devi Award in 1991

Introduction – About Pratibha Ray 

Pratibha Ray is an Indian writer, she write novels and stories in the Odia language. She was born at Alabol on January 21, 1944. This is a remote village in Balikuda; this area includes the Jagatsinghpur district, which was part of the Cuttack district of Odisha state. Moreover, she achieved more fem in her life, and she was known as the first woman to win the “Murti devi award.” 

She started writing at the age of nine and loved to write short stories in college. Then, she decided to turn her writing into novels. She generally writes brilliant novels and tales, among others. She is a well-known voice and is also renowned for her significant fiction writing in India. At present, she is a member of the Orissa Public Service Commission in Cuttack

Pratibha Ray is also active in various social reforms, and she is always ready to fight for injustice on many occasions. She has fought against the high priests of the Jagannath temple at Puri because of castism/colour and religion). At present, she is fighting against the priests of the temple because of their unexpected behaviour. The title was “colour of religion is black in Hindi it is (dharma ranga kala). 

Education And Early Childhood 

Pratibha Ray spent her childhood at Alabol, a remote village in the Balikuda Area Jagatsinghpur, and she completed her schooling there. The district is part of Cuttack district in Odisha state. Her father, Parshuram Das, was a teacher philosopher, and guide. She completed her master’s in education and also a Ph.D. in educational psychology. 

Career As Author And Journey Of Pratibha Ray 

Joined Administrative Service: Her first novel was Barsha Basanta Baishakha, which was written in 1974 and is renowned because it is the bestselling. Actually, she was a teacher and taught in government colleges in Odisha. After a long time of service, she took voluntary retirement in 1998. Now, she did join the Public Service Commission In Odisha’s constitutional post. She completed her teaching and administrative service with efficiency, honesty, and sincerity. 

Attended The Cultural Exchange: she published her articles, and she visited many of the national literary and educational programs. She attended the cultural exchange program in 1986, which was the five republics of USSR. She took a step towards the Indian Council for Cultural and repeated India “In India Today 94” in New Delhi. 

Songs Composed: There were many songs composed by Pratibha Rai, and she did them all in several volumes, including other works like translations, short stories, novels, and autobiographies. 

Participation Of Pratibha Ray

Pratibha Ray is also known for being associated with the “Indian Council for Cultural Relations“. She also participated in various literary and educational conferences in India, and also, she won the state award for her creative and best writing. 

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Famous Books and Work till Now of Pratibha Ray


  • 1974- Barsa Basanta Baishakha
  • 1977- Aranta 
  • 1978- Nishiddha Prithivi
  • 1979- Parichaya
  • 1980- Ashabari
  • 1981- Ayamarambha
  • 1982- Samundrara Swara
  • 1983- Shilapadma 
  • 1984- Yajnaseni
  • 1986- Dehatita 
  • 1988- Uttaramarg
  • Adibhumi ( Translate Into Hindi & English) 
  • 1998 – Mahamoha
  • 2004- Magnamati
  • 2008-Maharani Putra

Short Stories: 

  • 1978- Samanya Kathana
  • 1979- Gangashiuli
  • 1980- Asamapta
  • 1981- Aikantana
  • 1983- Anabana
  • 1984- Chandrabhaga O Chandrakala
  • 1986- Shrestha Galpa
  • 1987- Itibut
  • 1989- Haripatra 
  • 1991- Pathak Isvara
  • 1992- Manushya Swara
  • 1994- Sva-Nirvachita Sreshtha Galpa
  • 1996- Sashthasati 
  • 1996- Moksha
  • 1998-Ullaghna 
  • 2002-Gandhinka 
  • 2006- Jhotipaka Kantha


  • 1990- Maitripadapara Shakha Prashakha 
  • 1999- Dura Dwividha 
  • 2000 – Aparadhira Sweda 

Pratibha Ray Noteworthy Awards And Accolades

  • 1988- Jhankar Puraskar
  • 1985- Odisa Sahitya Akademi Award. 
  • 1986- She Was Awarded By Odisha Sahitya Akademi For The Oriya Novel “Shilapadam”.  
  • 1990- Got Sarala Das Award For Odisha Literature. 
  • 1991- Pratibha Ray Got The “Moorti Devi Award.” 
  • 1995- She Got The Odia Literary Award From the Odisha Society Of America in the USA. 
  • 2000- “Sahitya Akademi Award”- For Short Stories “Violation” 
  • 2006- Kerala organizes an “Amrita Kriti Award “For Pratibha Ray.
  • 2007-“Padamshree Award”- For Short Stories Collection. 
  • 2011- “Jnanpith Award”,- That Was Conferred On 22 May 2013 And Awarded By The President Pranab Mukherjee “At Balayage Auditorium Of Library Building, Parliament House, New Delhi.  
  • 2013- Odisha Living Legend Award In “(Literature)”. 
  • 2022- “Padma Bhushan Award” – From Govt of India For Literature And Education. 

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