Ramachandra Guha

Born29 April 1958,
Now Age – 65, Dehradun, India.
Alma MaterB.A, M.A University of Delhi,
OccupationsAuthor, Public Intellectual, Historian, Distinguished University Professor in Krea University.
Notable WorkGandhi Before India, India After Gandhi,
SpouseSujata Keshavan

Introduction of Ramachandra Guha 

Ramachandra Guha is a writer, public intellectual, environmentalist, and Indian historian. He was born on 29 April 1958. His interesting research depends on social issues, the environment, cricket history, contemporary politics, and economics. Guha is a biographer based in Bengaluru, and he is known because he is the 3rd Indian historian to be recognized by the association. Romila Thapar and Jadu Nath Sarkar were honored in 2009 & 1952. 

He covered various topics and produced books on modern India’s socio-political history. He was invited to be awarded a nominal doctorate in humanities. He was also working as a trustee of the new India fellowship program. Supreme Court of India was choose the Guha for “BCCI’s panel of administrators”. 

Early Life And Childhood 

Ramachandra Guha’s date of birth is 29 April 1958 in Dehradun and belongs to the Tamil Brahmin family. His father, Respected “Subramaniam Ramdas Guha”, was an employee of “Forest Research Institute”, and his mother worked as a teacher in a reputed school. Guha grew up in Dehradun on the campus that was named “Forest Research Institute Campus.” 

He came from the “Cambrian Hall And The Doon School” to study Guha. He edited “The History Times” with Amitav Gosh and became a famous writer later. Guha completed his graduation in 1977 from St. Stephen’s College from Delhi University in economics. After that, he completed a master’s degree in economics from Delhi. Now, he enrolled for “A PhD in sociology” in Calcutta. 

Career As Author And Journey Of Ramachandra Guha 

Ramachandra Guha started his career as an author, writing about various subjects, including politics, history, and the environment. Moreover, he worked as a professor at many universities –”Stanford, Yale, University of California at Berkeley, Indian Institute of Science, Berlin Institute for Advanced Studies, and area. 

He has a promising career in the environment and was doing a Ph.D. on the subject of “social history of forestry” in Uttrakhand. He was focusing on Chipko Andolan during this period. In 1999, he wrote on Environmentalism Called Environmentalism”: “That is a global history.” Also, he wrote “How Much Should a Person Consume” in 2006.  

Guha is a renowned person for his writing about cricket as a historian and journalist. He was working on researching the the history of Indian on British sport.” and the “social history of the Indian cricket was over” The best opportunity for him to be appointed to BCCI by the “Supreme Court of India”, although he resigned in July.  He also published his biography “the common wealth of Cricket” in November 2020.   

Personal Life And Character 

Guha stayed in Bengaluru, and his marriage is also going well. He married Sujata Keshavan, who was working as a graphic designer. They have two kids. One of his sons write for fictions like wrote the Accidental Magic in “Bangalore literature festival” in 2019. 

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Ramachandra Guha Noteworthy Awards And Accolades

  • In 2001-Guha Got “The Leopold-Hidy award” For Prehistory Of Community Forest In India. 
  • In 2002- He achieves the award “the Daily Telegraph Cricket Society Book” Of Year Prize For “A Corner Of A Foreign Field.” 
  • In 2003- Guha earned the- “R.K. NARAYAN award”. This Award Event Was Organized In the “Chennai Book Fair”.
  • In 2008- He Got Fem Because U.S. “Magazine Foreign Policy” Has Announced To The “Intellectuals For Ramachandra.” 
  • In 2009, Ramachandra Received the Padma Bhushan Award. 
  • In 2011 -Guha got The “Sahitya Akedemi Award” For -“India After Gandhi.”   
  • In 2014-He Was Awarded By Yale University An Honorary Doctor Of Humanities =.
  • In 2015- Guha Was Awarded the Fukuoka Asian Culture Award. 

Famous Biographies and work of Ramachandra Guha 

  • 1989- He Wrote-“The Uniquiet Woods” – ( Ecological Change And Peasant Resistance In The Himalaya). 
  • 1992- Guha Wrote -“Wickets In The East India”. 
  • 1993- He Wrote –”Gadgil, Madhav”- ( This Fissured Land: An Ecological History Of India). 
  • 1994- Written By The Guha- “An Indian Cricket Omnibus India. 
  • 1997- He Wrote-“Joan Martinez, Variety Of Environmentalism, Essay south And north.” 
  • 1998- He wrote “Social Ecology India,” published in “Oxford University Press”. 
  • 1999- He Wrote-“Savaging The Civilized, Verrier Elwin, His Teribles In India, Berkeley”- It Was Published In Oxford University Press And University Of California Press. 
  • 2000- Wrote The- “Spin And Other Turns”.
  • 2001- He Wrote- “The Picador Book Cricket”- India. 
  • 2001-He Wrote –”Nature’s Spokesman-M. Krishnan And India Wildlife, Picador.” 
  • 2004- He Wrote- “A Corner Of Foreign Field”. 
  • 2005- He Wrote- “The State Of Indian Cricket”. 
  • 2006 He Wrote “How Much Should A Person Consume?”- Press In Oxford University Press. 
  • 2011 -He Wrote The “Jonathan P – Institutions And Inequalities: Essays And Published in the “Oxford University Press”.
  • 2012- He Wrote- “Makers Of Modern India”.
  • 2013- He Wrote -“Gandhi Before India”, “Penguin”.
  • 2014- He Wrote “Environmentalism”- (A Global History United Kingdom), Penguin U.K. 
  • 2018- He Wrote- “The Years That Changed The World 1914-1948”. 
  • 2020- He Wrote “The Common wealth Of Cricket”.

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