Ravi Subramanian

Born11 February 1970
Ludhiana , India
53 years old
Alma mater Xavier’s CollegeSt. , Mumbai (Degree in Mathematics)
Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (MBA)
OccupationBanker and Author
GenreFinancial thriller , suspenseful stories within corporate settings.
Years active2007-Present
Notable works“If God Was a Banker” (2007)
“The Incredible Banker” (2011)
“The Bankster” (2012)
“The Bestseller She Wrote” (2015)
“In The Name of God” (2017)
SpouseDharini Subramanian
Children1 ( Daughter named Anusha)

Introduction – About Ravi Subramanian

Indian novelist Ravi Subramanian is well-known for his suspenseful and expertly written thrillers in the finance and banking industries. With a background in business, Subramanian skillfully incorporates his knowledge into his books to provide readers a distinctive blend of suspense and financial intrigue. His novels are not only amusing but also educational about the complexities of the financial world because to the combination of thorough research and a talent for storytelling in his writing style.

Among his best-known writings are “If God Was a Banker,” “The Bankster,” and “In the Name of God.” Subramanian has become well-known among modern Indian thriller writers thanks to his literary accomplishments, which have attracted a devoted public and favourable reviews.

Education and Early Childhood

Since he was young, Ravi Subramanian pursued his education with a passion that showed how curious he was. In Mumbai, India, where he completed his education, his curiosity and passion for telling stories first took shape. He then went on to St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics, which gave him a strong foundation in analytical thinking. He continued on to complete his studies at the prestigious Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), where he sharpened his commercial acumen, in order to broaden his horizons.

Subramanian’s penchant for writing began to develop throughout his formative years, although against the backdrop of a prosperous corporate career in the banking industry. His work as a best-selling author, where he deftly blends his financial knowledge and storytelling talent to produce gripping thrillers, is heavily affected by this early exposure to both numbers and stories. His academic career is evidence of his multidisciplinary approach, which combines his love of literature with his academic success.

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Career as author and Journey of Ravi Subramanian  

A successful business career to a distinguished writing career is how Ravi Subramanian made the switch. He entered the world of literature after holding prestigious positions in the finance industry, including with significant global banks. Subramanian drew on his firsthand knowledge of the banking sector to create a number of engrossing books that deftly combined sophisticated financial themes with exciting narrative.

His literary career began with the publication of “If God Was a Banker” in 2007, which launched him as a potential writer. Following hits like “The Bankster” and “The Incredible Banker,” which established his specialty in financial thrillers, helped Subramanian to further establish his profile.

Readers connected with his writing style, which was distinguished by thorough research and an interesting narrative, and he was propelled to a prominent position in Indian modern literature. He produced novels that not only delighted readers but also provided insights into the complexities of the financial world throughout his career by deftly balancing his financial knowledge and creative abilities.

Due to his commitment to his profession, Subramanian won accolades and awards, which raised his status in the literary world. His transition from a finance professional to a well-known author exemplifies his talent for fusing two seemingly disparate worlds, giving his readers a singular and stimulating reading experience.

Ravi Subramanian’s Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • Economist Crossword Book Award for “If God Was a Banker” (2008)
  • Golden Quill Readers’ Choice Award for “The Incredible Banker” (2012)
  • Crossword Book Award for Popular Choice (Fiction) for “The Bestseller She Wrote” (2016)
  • Raymond Crossword Book Award for “In the Name of God” (2018)
  • Teacher’s Achievement Award for Literature (2019)
  • Forbes India Celebrity 100 list, recognizing his impact and influence (multiple years)
  • Named as a finalist for the Crossword Book Award for “Don’t Tell the Governor” (2019)
  • Nominated for the Tata Literature Live! Business Book Award for “In the Name of God” (2020)

Personal Life and Interests – Ravi Subramanian                                    

Ravi Subramanian successfully juggles his literary endeavours with a fulfilling personal life. In addition to writing, he enjoys travelling around and learning about many cultures, which frequently influences his stories. His enduring love of music and cricket provides him with both solace and motivation. He is a devoted family man who gets comfort from being around his loved ones. His captivating anecdotes, which draw on a variety of experiences and interests, represent this varied way of life

Currently, Dharini, a former biotechnologist who is now a banker, and Anusha, Ravi’s daughter, reside in Mumbai. Ravi Subramanian enjoys his marriage and the connection he has with his wife. Together, they travel through life’s journey as a source of support and friendship. Their relationship is based on respect, understanding, and shared beliefs. They enjoy each other’s company and encourage one other in their goals and endeavours. Their dedication endures despite the highs and lows, fostering a peaceful and supportive environment that promotes personal development and happiness.

Famous books of Ravi Subramanian

  1. “If God Was a Banker” (2007)
  2. “I Bought the Monk’s Ferrari” (2007)
  3. “Devil in Pinstripes” (2009)
  4. “The Incredible Banker” (2011)
  5. “The Bankster” (2012)
  6. “Bankerupt” (2013)
  7. “God is a Gamer” (2014)
  8. “The Bestseller She Wrote” (2015)
  9. “In the Name of God” (2017)
  10. “Don’t Tell the Governor” (2018)
  11. “The Mystery of the School on Fire” (2020) – A children’s book
  12. “Ravi Subramanian’s Book of Crime and Horror” (2020) – A collection of short stories
  13. “Evoked” (2023)

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