Samit Basu

BornSamit Basu
December 14, 1979
43 years Old
Kolkata , India
Alma materDon Bosco School
Presidency University
Indian Institute of Management
OccupationAuthor , Film Producer and novelist
GenreMystery , thrill , children books fiction
Years active2003–Present
Notable works“The Simoqin Prophecies” (2003)
“Turbulence” (2012):

Introduction – About Samit Basu 

Samit basu is a very prominent Indian novelist and a film maker whose body of work include science fiction, fantasy and super hero novels, children’s books, graphic novels, short stories and Netflix film. His books have distinctive themes of fantasy and mythology, super hero and power, self improvement, comments of social and political issues, humour, and cultural exploration, odyssey. His books are recognised all around the world not only because of its distinctive themes but also because of its narrative flare it carry with it. 

Samit’s first book was “the simoqin prophecies”, published in 2003. It was considered as his debut novel which blends the elements of Indian mythology with contemporary story telling.

Education and Early Childhood

Samit basu was born in Kolkata, India on December 14, 1947. From his very early age he generated a deep interest into books. So he devoted himself into reading and story-telling. Furthermore he completed his schooling from Dan bosco school, Kolkata.

After schooling he attended Presidency University and Indian institute of management for higher studies. He developed his writing skills by working in various college magazines. He developed a strong base for fictional stories. While working for magazines he got number of perspectives and experiences which can contribute to his later works. 

Career as author and Journey of Samit Basu 

He started a striking career as an author by leveraging his early interest in narrative aspect. He achieved main success in his career by “Game World Trilogy” which include “the simoqin propencies”, “the meticore secret”, and “Unbawa Revelations”. All these books contain a distinctive theme of Indian mythology god and epic fantasy. 

Furthermore, he is also famous for his unique writing style. He is recognised all around the world for his different themes and distinctive fictional stories. And thats what makes him different from others.

Samit Basu’s Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • Vodafone Crossword Book Award (Fiction): Samit Basu received this prestigious award for his novel “The Simoqin Prophecies,” recognizing his outstanding contribution to Indian fiction.
  • British Council Award: He was honored with the British Council Award for his novel “Turbulence,” acknowledging his innovative approach to superhero fiction.
  • Kitschies Award: Basu’s novel “Turbulence” also won the Kitschies Red Tentacle Award, celebrating the year’s most progressive, intelligent, and entertaining works in speculative fiction.
  • Comics for Youth Excellence (CYE) Award: His graphic novel “Local Monsters” received the CYE Award, highlighting his prowess in storytelling across different mediums.
  • Nomination for Locus Award: Basu’s “The Simoqin Prophecies” was nominated for the Locus Award for Best First Novel, solidifying his presence on the international stage of speculative fiction.
  • Nominated for the Andre Norton Award: His novel “The GameWorld Trilogy” was a nominee for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy, further underscoring his impact on the genre.
  • Selected as Fellow at International Writing Program: Basu was chosen as a fellow at the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa, a testament to his global literary influence. 

Personal Life and Interests – Samit Basu

His personal life is a bundle of passion and artistic ideas. He is a kind of a never settle person, he keep on travelling for writing projects and to gain inspiration for his writings. He uses pop culture, comic book, and movies into his books as fan. He is well-known for being interactive.  with his followers and people who helps him to build a sense of community among writers of speculative functions. 

Famous Books and Work till Now of Samit Basu 

  1. The first book in the “GameWorld Trilogy,” “The Simoqin Prophecies” (2003), introduces readers to a fantastical universe that combines Indian mythology with epic fiction.
  2. The second book in the “GameWorld Trilogy,” “The Manticore’s Secret” (2005), continues the epic journey through a magical realm full of convoluted intrigues and strange animals.
  3. The concluding book in the “GameWorld Trilogy,” “The Unwaba Revelations” (2007), brings the grand journey to a dramatic conclusion.
  4. “Turbulence” (2012) is a genre-defying book that examines the lives of regular people who get abilities while fusing heroic aspects with modern challenges.
  5. A dystopian novel about societal control and resistance in the face of technology dominance, “Resistance” (2014) is set in a future India.
  6. “Chosen Spirits” (2019) is a thought-provoking work that explores the lives of two protagonists as they negotiate social media, politics, and personal decisions. It is set in a near-future Mumbai.
  7. Basu’s entry into graphic storytelling, “Local Monsters” (Graphic Novel, 2013), is a group of connected tales that explore urban legends and paranormal encounters.


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