Shashi Bhushan Sahai

NameShashi Bhushan Sahai, Arrah Shahabad district of Bihar
BornAugust 15, 1938
Jharkhand, India
Dead90-year-old, in Hyderabad
OccasionWriter, IPS Officer, Lecturer and Director General of Police.
Alma MaterCollage Of Commerce From Patna
Notable WorksPolitics of corruption
Jihadi Terrorism: Making Of a World War?
The Alien of Fake Land,
The Hindu Civilization: A Miracle of History

Introduction of Shashi Bhushan Sahai

Shashi Bhushan Sahai was a well-known Indian author and worked as director general of police in Bihar. He was born in the Arrah Shahabad district of Bihar, and in 1952, he was appointed as a batch IPS officer. He started his career as a lecturer in economics in 1950 and was selected as director general of police.

Bhushan loved to write bibliographies on politics, freedom, world war, and many other topics. Thus, he wrote various noteworthy novels, some of the very popular among people “Politics of Corruption, Jihadi Terrorism: Making Of a World War? The Alien of Fake Land, The Hindu Civilization: A Miracle of History

Early Life and Education

Shashi studied primarily in Narharpur and completed the B-Tech and law at a college of Commerce in Patna.   

Career As Author and Journey of Shashi Bhushan Shahi 

Shashi Bhushan was a lecturer of economics in 1950, and he was a very intellectual person. He also worked as an IPS service in 1952; after that, he was selected as director general of police. 

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Famous Books (Bibliography)

  • In 1995- POLITICS OF CORRUPTION: THE GODDESS THAT FAILED. This book was published in Gyan Publishing House and completed in 228 pages.  
  • In 1997, INDIA TWILIGHT AT MIDDAY, this book was available On a hardcover and published in Gyan Publishing House in 288 pages. 
  • In 1998- SOUTH ASIA: FROM FREEDOM TO TERRORISM, This Is Finished In 307 Pages And Published In 1998 In Gyan Publishing House In Delhi. 
  • In 2001- THE ALIEN OF FAKE LAND, A WORK OF FICTION Published In London. This Novel Is All About A Deep-Rooted Plan To Reduce, The Influential politicians from Bihar. 
  • In 2006- JIHADI TERRORISM: MAKING OF A WORLD WAR? This book is famous worldwide because Bhushan wrote about the Muslim World War and Pakistan’s connection to India. 
  • In 2010- THE HINDU CIVILIZATION: A MIRACLE OF HISTORY. This book was written to express civilization and is known for reciting 6000 years of mantras. This novel has 282 pages and has been published by The Gyan Publishing House.  

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