Shashi Deshpande

Born19 august 1936 , now age- 85 years
Notable WorkMatter Of Time, The Binding Vine, That Long Silence, The Dark Holds No Terrors
SpouseDhirendra H. Deshpande

Introduction of Shashi Deshpande 

Shashi-Deshpande is a famous Indian author; she is a novelist and was awarded the Sahitya Akademi and Padma Shri awards. She is known for contemporary Indian literature and started writing short stories. Shashi was born in Dhawad in Karnataka on 19/august/1936 and was the daughter of the renowned dramatist, actor and novelist. He was also the Sanskrit scholar Srirangan. 

Shashi Deshpande was born in an upper-middle-class family and married a doctor in 1962. Then, she shifted to London in 1968 for a year. In 1970, both relocated to Bangalore, and her son lived with her.

Early Life and Education 

In 1962, Shashi Deshpande married Dhirendra H. Deshpande, and he was the doctor. He knows the Sanskrit language because her father taught her this language, and her father told her to publish their work; otherwise, “the stories would get lost”. 

Shashi Deshpande completed her study in education and law from Bangalore and Bombay. She also completed the journalism at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan in Bombay. She also worked for “Onlooker”, which is a famous magazine. 

Shashi was a very intellectual lady who also had a degree in economics and law. She was relocated to Bombay, then she decided to do journalism. 

Career As an Author and Journey of Shashi Deshpande 

Shashi Deshpande generally writes novels and relates her writing to Indian middle-class families or people. Her novels present the reality of India, like the social world of relationships. She wrote children’s books, short stories and novels as a writer. 

Additionally, going from her past to the present, her career is very bright, as I can see her essays published in the volume, which is easily bought from the market. She was working as a journalist in the magazine called “Onlooker”. 

She also wrote the novel “That Long Silence“, and this novel became very popular, and she got lots of fem due to this novel. This novel talks about the silence that the family and society give. 

She wrote “The Dark Holds No Terrors” in 1986; this novel was also famous in her career. Shashi introduced the painful life in this novel. 

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Shashi Deshpande Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • 1990- She Received the Sahitya Academy Award For “That Long Silence”.
  • 1990- She Also Received The Nanjangud Thirumalamba Award For Her Most Appreciation Novel “That Long Silence”. 
  • 2009- She Won The Padma Shri Award.
  • 2014- Her Novel “The Shadow Play Was Short Listed For “The Hindu Literary Prize”. 

Famous Book (Bibliographies, Children’s Books and Essays)


  • In 1980- The Dark Holds No Terrors, Penguin Books India.
  • In 1982- If I Die Today.
  • In 1983- Come Up and Be Dead.
  • In 1983- Roots And Shadows.
  • In 1989- That Long Silence.
  • In 1993- The Intrusion and Other Stories.
  • In 1996- A Matter of Time, Published Feminist Press At CUNY.
  • In 2002- The Binding Vine, Published Feminist Press At CUNY. 
  • In 2000- Small Remedies, Published in Penguin Books India. 
  • In 2004- Moving On, Published Penguin Books India.
  • In 2008- In The Country of Deceit, Published Penguin & Viking  
  • In 2013-Shadow Play.
  • In 2015- Strangers To Ourselves, Published Harper Collins. 

Childrens Books:

  • The Narayanpur Incident
  • The Hidden Treasure
  • A Summer Adventures
  • The Only Witness


  • In 2003- Writing From the Margin and Other Essays, Published in Penguin. 

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