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Introduction – About Shobha Nihalani

Shobha Nihalani is a great Indian writer even her names meaning is about originality, tenacity, and literature brilliance. With her amazing writing skills, she had taged herself as a prolific writer, poet, and dramatist throughout the course of her career spanning decades.

Shobha started writing in a first place to express herself but later she developed a skill to connect with her readers through various backgrounds. She was born with an affection of storytelling. She is famous not only in India but also, all around the world because of her distinctive writing themes and styles, her words hold the power to break any barrier.

Her writing consists of wide range of genres from novels to poems to provocative plays, they all questions societal standards. Standards which are not even set by us.

Shobha Nihalani have got many awards and accolades in her career, which clearly shows how great her work is. Her work touches right towards readers, writers’ heart no matter what it’s a young writer or voracious reader.

Education and Early Childhood – Shobha Nihalani

A thought about becoming a writer in Shobha Nihalani mind generated right from when she was in school. Her early experiences and schooling year helped her to develop into a skilled writer like she is today. When she was kid from then she always had a passion for stories and insatiable curiosity. As time goes, she feels in love with reading books as a result she was deeply involved with literature and devoured a wide variety of books, which brushed up her enthusiasm for language and stories.

As the time passes, she eventually improved her writing abilities. As she advanced in her education, she gained more knowledge and experience about human emotions. These all things helped her to build a successful career as a writer.

Career as Author and Journey of Shobha Nihalani

Shobha Nihalani novels are about adventures and thriller and also about societal standards. Standards which are not even set by us. But we still follow them, so that we can fit in environment. Recently in 2021 she wrote a self-help book named “reboot reflect revive self-esteem in a selfie world”. This book stats why self-esteem, self-respect is basic to psychological health, professional achievement, personal happiness and positive relationship.

Not only that but on 23 June 2021, she became a ted X talk speaker and discussed her views on various topics like “don’t let anyone write your story”. Not only that she had also worked as a freelance journalist, copy writer, even an English teacher and as a sales person.

Its not only her words in her books that inspires people and touches their heart but it also gives motivation to do something in their life. Well in the end its not about you have read, its about how many lessons you have actually learned in his life. And her words truly inspire people, this is the reason she is celebrated as an author. She also had a YouTube channel named “reboot reflect revive” in which she teaches how to face real life.

Personal Life and Interests – Shobha Nihalani

She currently lives in honk Kong with her Family. She is quite popular for her passion in arts, culture and community involvement in addition to her prolific writing career. Shobha keeps on travelling not only as a hobby but also to explore more, discover new places and new people. And also, to find inspiration for her writings. She writes stories containing different cultural backgrounds, this helps her to break all language barriers. Shobha also loves to take pictures of outdoors. She also hosts many writing workshops in which she inspires lot of people over there and teach them many things. Her devotion in enhancing society through literature, culture and involvement, reflects how active person she is.

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Famous Books and Work Till Now of Shobha Nihalani

  • “Reboot Reflect Revive Self-Esteem in A Selfie World” (2021):

Book highlights: The importance of self-esteem in various aspects of life, including mental well-being, professional success, personal happiness, as well as positive relationships.

  • “The Blue Jade” (2019):

Book stats: Weaves history and mystery together in a captivating tale where historical artifacts, particularly a precious blue jade pendant, become central to the plot. The story follows Neelam, an art curator, as she unravels the mystery surrounding this valuable relic.

  • “A Gift from Above” (2019):

Book elaborates: About Harini and Haresh, as they navigate the pre-adoption fostering phase in India. It sheds light on their experiences and challenges during this period.

  • “TRIKON” (2018):

Book stats: that it’s a thriller centred around Kamaya, the story delves into mysterious deaths linked tool drugs and Kamaya’s quest to expose the truth.

  • A Life in Spirituality” (2017):

book offers: A unique perspective on spirituality, narrated from a nonbeliever’s viewpoint. It is a unique take on the spiritual journey of Dada Vaswani, also showcasing his unwavering faith and courage.

  • “Unresolved” (2015):

Book stats: that it’s a gripping thriller that delves into the dark aspects of human relationships and the secrets upon which they are built. The story revolves around a troubled marriage and the mysteries that unravel within it. From 2013 to 2015: NINE Trilogy: Where Paranormal Meets Action

  • NINE Book 1 – Curse of The Kalingan (2013):

Revolves:  Around the curse as well as its consequences on the Kalingan dynasty or individuals, exploring themes of fate, destiny, and also the impact of past actions.

  • The Silent Monument (2011):

Its stats: the exploration of the enduring impact of historical and political events on individuals and society.

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