Teresa Colom I Pich

NameTeresa Colom I Pich
Born12 December 1973
NationalityLa Seu D ‘Urgell’ , Andorran
QualificationPompeu Fabre University.
Notable Work“Com Mesos De Juny”
Notable AwardMiquel Mart I Pol Award In 2000
Translation WorkFrench, Italian & Spanish

Introduction of Teresa Colom I Pich: 

Teresa Colom I Pich was an author from Andorran and also known as a poet. She was also working as a financial advisor and wealth manager. In 2000 Teresa received the poetry award and dedicated herself entirely to writing. She also received the award in 2009. 

She was awarded many times for her writing. She writes full-time as a translator in French, Italian, and Spanish and has written many books from 2001 to 2019.  

Teresa Colom I Pich Early Life and Education: 

Maria Teresa Colom was from Andorran, and she was born on 12 Dec. 1973.  She born in “La Seu D ‘Urgell’ in 1973. She graduated with a degree in economics from Pompeu Fabre University.  

The Teresa Colom Career Life: 

After she completed her education at Pompeu Fabre University, she started a career in finance, and he won multiple awards for her best writing. She worked on her most significant poetry in Andorra and translated it into more than two languages. 

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Teresa’s Biographies Are: 

  • In 2001- Com Mesos De Juny, Edicions Del Diari D ‘Andorra. 
  • In 2002- La Temperature D ‘Uns Llavis, Edictions Del Diari D ‘ Andorra. 
  • In 2005- Elegies Del Final Conegut, Abadia Editors. 
  • In 2009- On Tot Es Vidre, Pages Editors. 
  • In 2012- La Meva Mare Es Preguntava Per Ia Mort, Pages Editors. 
  • In 2019- Consciencia, Empuries. 

Teresa Colom I Pich Of Noteworthy Award And Honors: 

Maria Teresa won various awards for her achievements and best writing, to which she was entirely dedicated. 

  • In 2000, she won the Miquel Marti I pol Award. 
  • In 2016, she won the Maria Angles Anglada Award.  

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