Vikram Chandra

Born23 July 1961
Age 62
Delhi , India
ParentsKamna Chandra and Navin Chandra
Alma materSt. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
Columbia University in New York.
OccupationAuthor, Screenwriter, Educator, Cultural Bridge Between Literature and Technology , Journalist
GenreLiterary Fusion: Myth, Crime, Technology – Enriching Indian Contemporary Fiction.
Years active1994–Present
Notable works“Sacred Games” (2006)
“Red Earth and Pouring Rain” (1995)
“Geek Sublime: Writing Fiction, Coding Software” (2014)
SpouseMelanie Abrams
Children2 (Daughters)

Introduction – About Vikram Chandra

Indian author and professor Vikram Chandra is well-known for his outstanding contributions to modern literature. Chandra, who was born on June 23, 1961, in New Delhi, India, has won praise for his literary works around the world for their complexity and breadth of cultural references. With the publication of his first book, “Red Earth and Pouring Rain” (1995), a compelling synthesis of myth, history, and contemporary storytelling, he attained fame.

But his masterpiece “Sacred Games” (2006) was what really propelled him to literary glory. This masterfully written crime thriller, which is situated in the heart of Mumbai, addresses challenging subjects against the backdrop of India’s sociological and political changes. Chandra is known for his beautiful writings, complex characters, and in-depth exploration of Indian culture and current challenges.

Chandra has written screenplays, articles, and fiction in addition to fiction, and he has taught creative writing at notable universities. He has become a key character in Indian and international literature thanks to his ability to seamlessly blend the old and the modern in his stories.

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Education and Early Childhood

The early years of Vikram Chandra were characterised by a complex synthesis of cultural encounters and scholarly endeavours. He showed an early interest in storytelling. Chandra studied English for her undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland before moving on to Columbia University for her master’s in film studies. These intellectual adventures improved his storytelling abilities and him a multicultural viewpoint.

Chandra was immersed in a literary milieu from a young age because she grew up in a household of academics and writers. His cosmopolitan background in India and the United States as well as his early exposure to other literary traditions had a significant impact on his subsequent writings, which frequently cross disparate worlds to produce gripping narratives.

Career as author and Journey of Vikram Chandra  

Author Vikram Chandra has travelled a tremendous path of literary discovery and invention throughout his career. He started down a route that merged his love of storytelling and his intellectual knowledge after finishing his studies. His first book, “Red Earth and Pouring Rain” (1995), demonstrated his talent for fusing myth, history, and modern concerns into an engrossing narrative.

However, Chandra’s career turned around with the release of “Sacred Games” (2006). The complicated storyline, deep character development, and examination of societal problems in this sweeping crime book, set in the turbulent underbelly of Mumbai, won it international praise. Chandra’s global influence was further increased by the novel’s later successful transformation into a Netflix series.

Chandra’s writing has demonstrated a significant engagement with Indian culture, history, and modernity throughout his journey. He is renowned for the lyrical beauty and painstaking detail-oriented nature of his prose. He has published articles and screenplays in addition to books, demonstrating his versatility as a writer.

Chandra has established himself as a key figure in Indian writing thanks to his research of several genres and his deft blending of traditional narrative with modern issues.

Vikram Chandra ’s Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

  • Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best First Book (Eurasia Region) for “Red Earth and Pouring Rain” (1996)
  • David Higham Prize for Fiction for “Red Earth and Pouring Rain” (1996)
  • Commonwealth Writers’ Prize for Best Book (Eurasia Region) for “Love and Longing in Bombay” (1997)
  • Crossword Book Award for Fiction for “Sacred Games” (2006)
  • Hutch Crossword Book Award for English Fiction for “Sacred Games” (2006)
  • National Film Award for Best Screenplay for the movie “Mission Kashmir” (2001)
  • Nominated for the Man Booker Prize longlist for “Sacred Games” (2007)
  • DSC Prize for South Asian Literature shortlist for “Geek Sublime: Writing Fiction, Coding Software” (2014)

Personal Life and Interests – Vikram Chandra                                        

Melanie Abrams, a writer, is Chandra’s wife. At the University of California, Berkeley, they both instruct creative writing. Chandra presently splits his time between Oakland, California, and Mumbai, India. Leela and Darshana are his two daughters.

Chandra’s dual-nation upbringing in India and the United States has affected his outlook on the world, and his ties to literature and academia through his family have enhanced his cultural engagement. His aptitude for bridging the literary and technological spheres is illustrative of his interest and his abilities to investigate the confluences of several academic fields.

Famous books of Vikram Chandra

  • “Red Earth and Pouring Rain” (1995) – Debut novel blending mythology, history, and contemporary storytelling.
  • “Love and Longing in Bombay” (1997) – Collection of short stories exploring themes of love, loss, and urban life.
  • “Sacred Games” (2006) – Epic crime novel set in Mumbai’s criminal underworld, later adapted into a Netflix series.
  • “Geek Sublime: Writing Fiction, Coding Software” (2014) – Non-fiction work exploring connections between writing and coding.
  • Screenplays for films including “Mission Kashmir” (2000) and “Kaminey” (2009).
  • Various essays and contributions to literary discussions.

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