Vineet Bajpai

Born18 September 1977
Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India
OccupationCEO & Founder Of “Magnon Group Of Talentrack” Online Business. Novelist And Fiction Writer.
Noteworthy Books & NovelsKashi”: Secret Of The Black Temple” Was Out.
City Of The Blood Gates.
Harappa: Curse Of The Blood River.

Introduction of Vineet Bajpai

Vineet Bajpai is an Indian founder and CEO of TalenTrack, and he is also an Indian entrepreneur. He works for an online platform and hires talented people for the media and entertainment sector. Moreover, the amazing truth of his life is that he is the most loved English author and is listed among the prominent authors; therefore, his name is counted among the 75 famous Indian authors. 

Bajpai is a renowned personality because he is known as the founder and CEO of TBWA and Magnon Sancus. This is the biggest industry and is recognized as part of “The Fortune 500” “Omnicom Group.” On the other side, he is also an eminent author, and he wrote eight books, some of which are very pervasive among the readers, like “Kashi” Secret of the black temple,” “the sword of Mastaan,” “Harappa: curse of the Blood River” etc., these are the most read books among the people.  

See the exciting truth of Vineet Bajpai; he loves to write books and runs an online business. His books generally can be read by teenagers and octogenarians. 

Early Life And Education

Now, discuss his education; in 1997, he completed his degree program in economics, and he gained this degree from Hansraj College, Delhi University. After that, he achieved a degree in business management in 1999 from “Lal Bahadur Shastri Institute Of Management” in New Delhi. 

Vineet Bajpai was working at GE India to set up Magnon, and in the year 22, he left this job. In 2015, he launched the TalenTrack, which is an online platform to expose talent through the people, and it was known as a mobile app. Today, there are several artists on this platform and nearly 20,000 recruitments, including voice-over artists, production, TV channels, event companies, filmmakers, and many more. 

Career As Author And Journey Of Vineet Bajpai 

Vineet Bajpai was a very career-oriented person, and now he is a successful personality in the field of production and writing. He started his job at “GENERAL ELECTRIC Capital International Services”, and he worked for less than one year. Then, he started his own company named Magnon Solutions in 2000, and by 2012, this company had become a prominent platform. It is known as the biggest digital agency in India. Now, Magnon is a thriving place, and it has become a part of the Fortune 500 Omnicom Group. 

Vineet Bajpai Noteworthy Awards and Accolades

Bajpai won various awards & achieved accolades for his successful writing skills. 

  • Aisa Pacific Entrepreneurship Award- In 2011
  • CNBC TV Mercedes Benz Young Turk Award- In 2012
  • The “BUSINESS WORLD MAGAZINE” Listed Him As The Best Influential Being And Recorded His Name Among The Hundred Influential Personalities Of The “DIGITAL ECOSYSTEM” In India.  
  • Entrepreneur Of The Year Award- In 2016.

Popular Books Of Vineet Bajpai 

Vineet Bajpai is a prominent best-selling author in India, although his career began at General Electric before he started his business in 2000. That was the magnon solution. The “MAGNON SOLUTION” became a prominent name, and he got a lot of fem in 2012. Because of this, the industry is listed among the most prominent digital agencies. 

Moreover, let us discuss other achievements, Bajpai is a speaker, and he speaks for various literature festivals as a guest. He was invited to speak at the session and invited to the “Jaipur Literature Festival” in 2018, “Kala Ghoda Arts Festivals,” and “The Chandigarh Literature Society.” 

Also Read Some Other Authors –

Here is the name of the book that Vineet Bajpai wrote. 

  • In 2011- “The Street to The Highway”- Published By Jaico.
  • In 2016- His Motivation Book Was Written “The 30 Something CEO” –Published by The Jaico.  
  • In 2017- The First Fiction Novel Was- “Harappa: Curse Of The Blood River”.
  • In 2018- Second Fiction Book-“Pralay- “The Great Deluge” 
  • In 2018- He Wrote the Last Book it Was “Kashi”: Secret Of The Black Temple” Was Out. 
  • In 2019- Historical Fiction MASTAAN-“The Fallen Patriot Of Delhi.” 
  • In 2021 -The 2nd Part Of MASTAAN TRILOGY, 1857: “The Sword Of Mastaan”. 
  • The final part of the trilogy Delhi, “City Of The Blood Gates,” is about to be released very soon. 


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