William Shakespeare

Born26 April Stratford-Upon-Avon, England
ParentsFather- John Shakespeare
Mother-Mary Quiney
Alma MaterGrammer School,
The Kings’ New School
OccupationWriter, Actor
GenrePlay-History, Comedy And Tragedy
Years Active1585-1613
NotableShakespeare Bibliography
SpouseAnne Hatchway
ChildrenThree Children Quiney, Hamnet, Susanna Hall
OrganizationLord Chamberlains Men/Kings Men

Introduction- About William Shakespeare 

William Shakespeare was the most popular and renowned English poet, actor, and playwright. He was also known for his most significant writing in English and was the pre-eminent dramatist personality. 

He was born in 1564 in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. He was well educated and completed his education at the king’s new school, a free charted grammar school in Stratford. William Shakespeare was a historical theatre actor and creator of the Globe Theatre. This theatre was known among people, and several visitors visit this theatre every year.  

Education And Early Childhood

Williams Shakespeare‘s father’s name was John, and his mother was Mary Shakespeare. His father was a glove maker. At William’s birth, his parents lived on the street, Stratford-upon-Avon, known as Shakespeare’s birthplace. William had seven brothers & sisters. 

William’s study started at home, and his education was begun from the bible. He also joined the Grammer school, the Kings’ new school on church street, which covered a short distance. This school was available for boys for free of fee, and in the same school, the boys studied about writers, but Shakespeare left his schooling at fourteen. Additionally, there is no record to prove his university education.   

Career As Author and Journey Of William Shakespeare

Shakespeare was an acting company member, so he was known as Chamberlain’s Men. William Shakespeare wrote various plays in London, but it can’t be said when he started writing. His first printed work was known as two long poems, “Venus & Adonis” ( 1593) and rape of Lucrece ( 1594). 

Shakespeare’s dramatic career was generally divided into four parts: the first period up to 1593, the second period from 1594 to 1600, the third period from 1601 to 1607, and the fourth was created from 1608. 

Another information about his career as an author William was London’s greatest poet, playwright, actor and theatre entrepreneur. As an author, William wrote his first poem, Venus and Adonis, Venus, which was explained to the goddess of love.

Shakespeare was known as a famous poet & drama, and his 78 printed editions are 55 plays, and 23 poems were published before 1623. His early plays were based on comedies and histories and wrote tragedies until 1608, some of the most popular among them, for example, Romeo & Juliet, King Lear, and Hamlet. All of those were written in the English languages. Finally, in the end, he wrote a romantic story, “Tragicomedies

Apart from that, Shakespeare play multiple roles as a playwrite, actor, business partner in London theatre.       

Play For Poems & Sonnets:  Williams Shakespeare played for poems and sonnets; he started the lyrics from 1564 to 1616 explained above; the two narrative poems were published on sexual themes, Venus And Adonis And The Rape Of Lucrece. These poems were very popular, and Williams dedicated them to the Earl of Southampton and Henry Wriothesley.  

Williams also wrote sonnets with a variety of themes 154, all published in 1609 in quartos. 

His sonnets focus on love and life, and are divided into two parts: the “Dark Lady and the Young Man.” His poems were completed with fourteen lines easily characterized by their theme and rhyme scheme. All his sonnets are popular, but “sonnet 18” and “sonnet 80” are the most popular. Moreover, he wrote his very sparkling plays that were highly in demand, “ROMEO & JULIET, Love’s Labour’s LOST, and Henry V”. 

Longest Poem Of Shakespeare:  Hamlet was the longest novel of Shakespeare, and it was written to take the major themes for relatable things of real life, for example, politics, identity, family, madness, sexuality, and tragedy. 

Shakespeare wrote this story with the basic concept and exposed the revenge, madness, and friendship between people; also, it is called a painful tragedy story. Because of the basic concept theme, this novel is renowned. 

Personal Life And Character

William Shakespeare’s father, John Shakespeare, was a famous person in Stratford, and he was a popular citizen of this city. William started his life between Stratford Upon-Avon and London in the 1580s. Edmund was the youngest sibling of William, and he was an actor in London. At the age of eighteen, William got married to Anne Hatchway. William had three kids: first was daughter “Susanna”, and second were twins “Judith & Hamnet”. 

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Famous Written Plays In Different Categories

William Shakespeare wrote many plays in different categories: “History Play, Tragic And Comic. “ Most successful were “history plays” in the 1590s London theatre. 

Play In Comedies

  • The Tempest- William Shakespeare Wrote This Play In 1610-1611. 
  • The Merry Wives Of Windsor- This Comedy Play Written Before 1597 And Published In 1602. 
  • Measure For Measure- Written In 1603. 
  • The Comedy Of Errors Is William’s Shortest Play And The Most Farcical Comedy In This Play. 
  • As You Like It- Written In 1599 By Williams.
  • The Winter’s Tale- This Play Was Published In 1623.
  • Love’s Labour’s Lost- This Comedy Play Was Written In The Mid Of 1590s. 

Play In Histories

  • King John- Written In The 1590s. 
  • Henry IV Part 1- Written 1597. 
  • Henry IV, Part 2- Written 1596 And 1599. 
  • Henry V- Written 1599. 
  • Henry VI, Part 1- Written 1591. 
  • Henry VI Part 2- Written 1591. 
  • Henry Vi, Part 3- Written 
  • Rechard Iii – Written In Between 1592 To 1594.  

Play In Tragedies

  • Julius Caesura- Is A Tragedy Play Written By William Shakespeare And Performed In 1599. 
  • Romeo And Juliet Is The Most Famous Play Written By William, Based On Romance. 
  • Hamlet- William Wrote This Tragedy In 1599 & 1601. This Play Was Completed In 29,551 Words. 
  • King Lear- This Play Was Based On The Mythological Life Of Britain. 
  • Timon Of Athens- Written In 1606 And Published In 1623. 
  • Othello Is A Tragic Play Written In 1603 By William, And The Story Arrives Between Two Characters. 

William Shakespeare Died

There is no evidence of the cause of William’s death, but it was recorded in the Stratford register on 23 April 1616. Before his death, he prepared the will of property on 25 March. 

Before his death, he wrote a popular novel, “The Two Novel Relatives, “with his partner John Fletcher.

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