Write for Us

Learn Welfare wants to bring more attention to the wide field of writing by telling interesting stories about the lives and works of famous authors. Passionate, skilled writers want to join our growing platform and share their own unique points of view with the world.

Who We Are Looking For

People we want to hire really care about literature, are great at breaking it down, and can write stories that people want to read. We want writers who have degrees in history, writing, or an area that is connected to these. Also, they should know a lot about many different times, places, and kinds of writing.

What We Offer

  • Visibility and Reach: Your project will be published by Learn Welfare, and it will be presented to a large number of students, professionals, and book enthusiasts.
  • Collaboration and Growth: By joining a group, you might be able to share your thoughts and get feedback from people who share your interests and hobbies.
  • Professional Development: Your writing CV is in need of improvement if you want to establish yourself as a significant creative voice in the world.

Submission Process

  • Pitch Submission: Please send us a short summary of your article idea that highlights the unique point perspective you want to look at.
  • Review: Once our editors have looked over your plan, they will let you know what they think. Your contribution of a full piece is accepted if your idea fits with our content strategy.
  • Article Submission: When you send in your post, do not forget to follow our style and writing rules. It is important to read and change papers carefully.
  • Editorial Review: We have editors who will look over your work to make sure it makes sense, is clear, and has depth and we might ask for changes if the piece doesn’t live up to our hopes.
  • Publication: As soon as your work gets the final check, Learn Welfare will post it.

Style and Formatting

  • Length: Articles should be between 1000 and 1500 words long, which is long enough to allow for in-depth study without being too long for the viewer.
  • Format: Word or Google Docs files should be used for submissions, and the text should be organized with clear headers and subheadings.
  • References: All sources must be properly mentioned according to the rules for academic writing.

Ethical Considerations

  • Plagiarism: We have a zero-tolerance policy regarding plagiarism and all content needs to be the author’s original work.
  • Accuracy: We expect all facts and claims to be verifiable and based on reliable sources.
  • Transparency: Disclosing any potential conflicts of interest related to your submission.

Join Our Community

By giving to Learn Welfare, you can be a part of a lively literary community, share your knowledge with others, and get them interested in literature and its long past we are excited to hear new ideas about our site and cannot wait to hear what you have to say.

We’re looking for people who love books and think they can bring something new to our readers. Share what you’ve learned, thought, and analysed about writing with a group of people who also love and understand it.

Contact us at [welfarelearn@gmail.com] with your proposal and a short piece of your work to start. 

Come with us on an adventure at Learn Welfare as we try to find the stories’ secret meanings.